Apple Music (i.e., iTunes) playlist paths differ from Roon's paths

Hi, @dylan. As I posted last week, there is a file called “Music.xml” which contains all of the playlists. (It used to be called “iTunes Music.xml,” but as you know Apple changed the name of the app two years ago. The “Music.xml” file is generated by default in the media folder, which is the folder that Roon points to.)

I am happy to give you any additional information, but I’m frustrated by the difficulty of obtaining support for an expensive piece of software. I’m not saying this is Roon’s fault — just that I need help.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Hey @phantomtides,

We are terribly sorry for having missed on your replies for this long. Please, accept our most heartfelt apologies for only getting back to you today :pleading_face:

I was wondering, could you please send us a screenshot of Settings → Storage from Roon, as well as a screenshot of the folder containing your Music.xml file in Finder?

Thank you for your incredible patience :pray:

Hi @beka. Thank you very much for picking this up. I’ve been bewildered by the lack of response.

Here is a screenshot of Roon settings:

Since 2018, Apple Music (the app) no longer creates “master” Music.xml files, either automatically or by export. The equivalent “master” file is now a .musiclibrary file. A .musiclibrary file cannot be read by a text editor, and thus it would seem that the format is proprietary and cannot serve the same purpose for Roon, i.e., importing playlists.

There is still a way to create .xml files, however: by exporting playlists manually from Music. The (PlaylistName).xml files that Music generates are generic format, as one would expect, and they can be opened normally in a text editor. It’s not as convenient — as far as I know, a user may only export a single playlist at a time — but I could live with that restriction.

Here is a screen shot of an .xml file called “Beginnings.xml” that I exported from Music. (The playlist is called “Beginnings,” duh. It contains around 100 songs.) You can see it in the folder “Mainstream” that Roon points to. All of the other music in that folder is seen by Roon, as expected.

After exporting, I verified that “Import iTunes playlists” was toggled on for “Mainstream,” and I forced a rescan of “Mainstream” in Roon. (“Shared playlists” is also toggled on in the pop-up menu under “My Playlists.”) The “Beginnings” playlist does not appear in Roon.

That’s where I am now. I am happy to provide any additional information. Thanks again for your attention.


After your heartfelt apologies for Roon’s ignoring me, another week has now passed with no response since I posted the information you asked for.

Roon is not freeware; the company has an obligation, both implicit and stated, to support its customers. I posted my request over four months ago. I am frustrated, but I have tried to marshal, as you say, incredible patience.

I would be grateful for some help here.

Thank you.

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Hey @phantomtides,

It looks like in all this time, you’ve done everything right. One final thing to check: in iTunes’ Advanced Preferences, is Share iTunes Library XML checked, like so?

Also, your expectation is more than reasonable. Would you please use @rebeka in your reply? That sends a notification to me directly the moment you reply :pray:

@beka Thanks for the reply. My bad for not tagging you — I assumed a reply would achieve that but I appreciate knowing it’s more of a manual operation.

I’m afraid that Roon’s information regarding MacOS is out of date by a couple of years. The option you mention was indeed part of iTunes, but Apple Music (the app) handles it differently. The option to share a library now resides in System Preferences > Sharing > Media Sharing. More to the point, it’s been toggled on.

Does that help any?!

Hey @phantomtides,

Thanks for the quick reply and clarification. Clearly, you are extremely familiar with iTunes (and Apple Music) :nerd_face: . Also, many thanks for your willingness to collaborate.

It seems like every setting in the book is correctly selected. I believe one thing worth trying would be to backup Roon, just in case.

Then, remove the folders in Settings → Storage. Navigating to Settings - > Library - > Clean Up Library - > Clean up. Then, reboot your Core: this involves quitting Roon, turning off the Core, unplugging it for a few minutes. Reverting the steps: plug the Core in, turn it on, launch Roon.

Finally, adding iTunes again.

I really hope we can try this :crossed_fingers:

@beka Thanks for the reply. Roon is set to back up each day at 3:00AM, and I generated a new backup manually just before embarking on your suggestions. When I added the folders back, I made sure “Import iTunes playlists” was toggled on. That all happened about 14 hours ago.


Took a few hours to re-load everything, as expected. All files seem fine.

The “Beginnings” playlist — the one created in the Apple Music app and exported as an .xml file — still exists in the folder from which Roon is loading music, and is nowhere to be found in Roon.

All previously created playlists exist, but all of the songs on those playlists have been deleted.

Zero steps forward, one fairly big step back. I’m intending to restore from the last backup in hope of getting the playlist contents back, but I’ll wait to hear from you to see if you have any other suggestions first.

Hey @phantomtides,

I’m very grateful that you’ve set aside some time to go through the steps above and shared the results.

It’s such a relief to hear that you’re constantly backing up Roon — it’s such a great practice! — and you have all the data about you securely stored.

Could you please share a screenshot of Settings → Storage?

@beka Thanks. Here you go. Playlists are still empty.

@beka Hey, Rebeka… Followed your suggestion and took a step backwards, not forward. Any help here? Thanks.

Hey @phantomtides,

Thanks so much for following up on your post. Please know that even if I haven’t replied (so sorry about the lack of transparency), I’ve been trying to help by connecting with our teams and asking for their help.

Please, bear with us just a little longer. You will hear back from us soon, hopefully with advice that will take you a few steps forward :nerd_face:

Thanks for the reply, @beka. I appreciate the efforts. I look forward to hearing from you. If you’re in the US, happy Thanksgiving!


I’m having this exact issue, Roon on NAS, music files on NAS, Apple Music from Mac - I am watching with interest.

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Hello @phantomtides ,

Thank you for your patience here while we’ve had a chance to look into this further.

I spoke to the team regarding this one and we believe the main issue here is that the Library.XML file is missing and instead you have a different XML file imported.

Can you please try to Open Music App → File → Export Library and put this XML in the Watched folder MAINSTREAM ?

This file contains info about iTunes playlists and the path to files in the library. Then XML playlists import should be enabled in Storage → Watched Folder → Edit, if it’s not enabled already.

Please, keep in mind that every time you change the contents of your Music App library, (e.g updating a playlist), this procedure should be repeated: Export a new Library.xml → Replace the old one in the watched folder.

Let us know if this clarification helps resolve the issue, thank you.



I can confirm that Export Library from the Music App to the watched folder works. All playlists are now displayed in Roon.

However, having to repeat this process each time new music is added to the Music App is far from convenient.


Apologies, @noris, for the late reply. Yes, it now works. It’s strange because I didn’t see an option to export the entire library from the Music app before. I swear I had tried it many times, but I assume that was user error nonetheless. Thanks for the time you’ve spent on this. It’s not ideal, but given the limitations Apple imposes by using a proprietary-format library file, it seems reasonable. Thanks again.

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Glad to hear that resolved the issue @phantomtides !
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

@noris Grazie, amico! Buone vacanze anche a te! :wink:


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