Arc doesn't work from iPad

Hi. Arc works fine from my iPhone, but it gets stuck on the screen shown in the attached photo on my iPad. It shows ROCK as online and ready, but it won’t proceed to the screen that allows the user to play music. I have tried tapping the checkmark, logging out, and logging back in, but nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks.

Although there is no app for tablets, Roon ARC works on my iPad Mini 6 and iPad 8th Generation. Did you try deleting the app and reinstalling it?

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To second what @Jim_F wrote, it also works for me on iPad Pro 12.9, with the limitation that it feels a bit lost on the big screen

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Hi. I have reinstalled, but it still doesn’t work. Now it also says something went wrong while syncing to my Roon Core. I don’t have that problem with the iPhone app.

Don’t use arc but out of curiosity ,(not that this is any real help to OP) but I just tried it on my iPad 12.9. 2nd gen and it worked ok.


What’s your iPad model and iPadOS version?

iPad Pro 12.9” with latest iPadOS.

Same here :man_shrugging:

Strange that it works for some.

I’m having the same issue on an iPhone 15 and here’s what i’ve tried without success as I wait for support to check my logs

Hi @Andrew_Stein,

Thank you for your post. We’re investigating your report with QA and will activate diagnostics to see what’s happening more precisely.

Some due diligence to pin down variables in the meantime:

Do you have any non-standard font settings or zoom settings on this iPad? What about Private Relay, VPNs, or any third-party network security?

It’s always worked seamlessly on my iPhone but has never worked on my iPad either.
Would love to figure this out as well.

My iPad is a year old, all software updated and current.
No funky settings etc.

Hi @Attila,

While I wish we could offer more at this time, the short answer here is that tablets aren’t officially supported with ARC yet, although they’re often functional for many.

That said, I would recommend attempting to change the default browser on the iPad, in case the adblock settings are hanging authorization redirects after logging in.

You can vote on the iPad feature suggestion here: Roon ARC on Tablets (iPads and Android) [On Roadmap]

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