ARC: Local Content Downloads (Home WiFi) Pausing Randomly and Causing Poor Performance

I have had a similar experience.
My Roon ARC is running on a Android phone -
Samsung S22 Ultra 1TB
I have noticed that downloads are erratic. Sometimes there’s no Issue then it gets stuck.
First time I selected to download about 100 gigs before going to bed, this was over WiFi and expecting the download to complete overnight.
Not so.
The next day I was away from the home WiFi and I kept getting notifications my mobile data was being used excessively.
I checked my downloads and found that only about 40% of the tracks had downloaded overnight.
When back at home I found the downloads seemed to work faster while I kept the Downloads page open. If I did this I would see process would complete. If I didn’t it would get hung and/or become erratic.

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Has anyone had experience with downloads pausing and know the best way to restart it?
I’m reverting to restarting the ARC app and keeping the download screen on.

Thanks Ricardo
I have my phone set to unlock but ARC downloads continue to pause intermittently. This is my first issue, but as this continues to occur I have the issue of restarting downloads.
Annoyingly, to restart downloads, I have to restart the ARC app.

Hi @Ed_Puric,

Thank you for the report and I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue.

A few questions:

  1. Do you have “Download on Wi-Fi Only” enabled in ARC settings?
  2. How large is your library? 100GB might be putting memory pressure on the phone, and ARC hits a performance wall with track libraries around 400k and above in its current implementation, on most devices.

It’s possible that ARC is pausing downloads because the phone briefly loses Wi-Fi and reconnects; depending on conditions within your network, this might be happening without any disruption to the UI, but enough for ARC to trigger the safety mechanism that protects users’ data plans.

We’re standing by to investigate this issue more thoroughly. There’s certainly no reason ARC should be stopping downloads overnight, provided there isn’t insufficient memory on the phone or memory pressure within the app itself.

@Allan_Rentcome, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your initial inquiry.

To clarify, you’re experiencing playback interruptions with both downloaded local and streaming (TIDAL/Qobuz) content in ARC? The latter might be expected in conditions of poor connectivity where the phone hasn’t had sufficient time to cache an upcoming track. For instance, if you attempt to load a playlist of non-downloaded content and get several tracks deep when you have an intermittent 3G connection, for instance, even ARC’s fallbacks to prevent playback interruption will eventually fail.

Downloaded content, however, should not fail to play back unless the downloaded file itself contains corruption. This is possible, although rare, if you downloaded the track in poor connectivity conditions, and it’s something we’ve improved upon with the most recent release today.

Can you please confirm the following so the team can investigate and help resolve the issue?

  1. If you are still having issues playing back both downloaded content in ARC
  2. If so, does redownloading the content help resolve the issue?

We’ll be watching for your response.

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Thanks Conner

  1. Yes I have “Download on Wi-Fi Only” turned on in ARC settings. This was turned-on after my first post.
  2. My phone (Samsung S22 Ultra 1tb) has 1tb (1000 gb) storage with half of that still available.

Roon reports that my library is has around 90k of tracks.

Roon NUC10i7FNH 6 Core with 16gb memory.

When downloading I’m usually within 4m to the Wi-Fi modem. The modem is only about 1 year old. Last night I added more to be downloaded and overnight it paused again. Then today I added more albums. The downloads remained paused from last night. I could not figure how to restart downloading from within ARC so I restarted ARC. Downloading only then recommenced. The 280 items to be downloaded this time come through without another pause happening.

One other point to note is that my phone is usually silky-smooth in all Apps, but when ARC is downloading ARC becomes jittery. Sometimes to the point of stopping momentarily, for anywhere between 1-20 seconds. This happens in ARC only, any other App remains silky-smooth to use even while ARC misbehaves.

Play back from downloaded files or files on the server has no issues.

I appreciate your efforts. Thank you

Thanks for the insights and detailed response @Ed_Puric. I’ve merged your posts into a separate thread so we can troubleshoot more directly. Those symptoms aren’t predicted behavior and we’ll investigate diagnostics more thoroughly from the device and your Core. Please stay tuned and we’ll respond here once we’ve had a look.

@Ed_Puric - Thanks, I have not experienced this since the last updates. Your summary of what I was experiencing is correct. Random tracks, downloaded or not, would stop playing at a specific time, same time each time. It does seem to have resolved itself as I have been playing most of the day with no issues. One other observation, if click to advance to next track, sometimes it does not play, even though on my display in my car it shows the track info. I can press play again and most times it does start to play again.


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Hi everyone,

The most recent build of ARC contained several related improvements. Piggybacking on @Allan_Rentcome’s post from nine days ago, I just wanted to invite anyone in this thread to clarify if they’d experienced issues with downloads on their home WiFi network since udpating.

The team will eagerly investigate if so; otherwise, we’ll close this thread out automatically. Thank you!

@Connor It seems the latest build has resolved the issues I had. Thanks !

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I did another test after your latest update request.
Issue is still occurring for me. When downloading large amounts of items Room ARC becomes jurky which preceeds downloads pausing.

I have the same problem but with arc on iPhone.
Posted a description here :

My downloads just stopped and there is no way I can restart them - tried restarting arc etc.

I also noticed weird things happening while downloading

  • Arc displays 0 tracks of 3 downloaded, but the album I was trying to download has 4 tracks.
  • During download, the blue color in progress circle is fluctuating back and forth (instead of staying still or going forward)
  • Sone albums are marked as fully downloaded but in fact no tracks were downloaded.

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Hi everyone,

My apologies that this thread auto-closed. The reports you provided fourteen days ago have been helpful as we work to debug the constellation of issues underpinning download performance, as well as incrementally improve overall performance in ARC and Roon 2.0.

The latest release this week (ARC 1.0.4, release notes here) will hopefully continue to resolve this for those affected. Please let us know if that’s not the case, and we’ll eagerly investigate.