ARC with BT Smart hub 2 and DECO Mesh wifi

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BT Samrt hub 2 connected DECO mesh system for wifi around the house

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Having issues geting ARC configured for on the go. Works fine on home network. Looks like BT home hub can’t be put into bridgeing mode as suggested but i don’t have the IT skills for port forwarding. From what i can see there is a conflict between the BT home hub and the DECO system (?multiple NAT’s). Not tried removing the DECO extenders as yet but assume that would work but would cause issues elsewhere with wifi strength from the BT hub. Any help appreciated.

@John_Dickinson I have a Deco system but am using a Plusnet Hub One and I have it working. I understand the Hub One is similar to your home hub (i.e. it can’t be put into bridge mode). If you are able to put your Deco into Access Point mode (via Advanced settings in the Deco App under Operation Mode) then you’ll be able to avoid Double/Multiple NAT. All you need do then is configure the home hub to look for your Roon core, which to be honest required no specific IT skills on my part.

I wrote about how to do that in another thread here: ARC Port forwarding issue (ASUS router) - #11 by Red_R

Thanks for your help, all sorted. BT pages are a little different, only needed to configure the port forwarding page using the IP of the core and the port number on the ARC tab of roon. DECO needs to be put in access mode first before any config of the port forwarding.
Thanks again.


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