ARC won’t connect to core on my QNAP NAS

Description of Issue

I am unable to get ARC to connect to my core which is on a QNAP NAS. I have sorted out my port forwarding issue on my router and it connects to the NAS perfectly with the QNAP firewall turned off. However, as most QNAP users are aware, we need the firewall to prevent ransom attacks. If I set up rule in the firewall using the IP address of the NAS it locks me out of the NAS completely and requires a reset to change the IP. What I don’t understand is, if the Roon core works fine with the firewall on, why won’t ARC? Any help appreciated.

I think there isn’t a Roon 2.0 core available yet for a Qnap nas.

There is and I have it installed. Version 2.0 build 1128.

Oke. Didn’t showed up in the AppStore of my QNAP yet. Strange,

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This is answered by Chris in this post but doesn’t answer the Firewall issue: -

That looks like a different issue. I have Roon core v2.0 installed on my NAS and it’s working just fine. It is an issue with the new ARC software connecting from my iOS device to the core that is the problem.

I had to update to the latest QNAP OS first and then it appeared.

Please check the Roon web panel (in the QNAP administration). It is likely that codecs of your QNAP System’s ffmpeg binary had been stripped by the update.

If the Roon Server web panel indicates “System default”, try to download ffmpeg for amd64 architecture on johnvansickles website and add it manually.

If you click on “System default”, you’ll get info, hot to add a different ffmpeg binary file:

The downloaded file from johnvansickles website are tar.xz archives, that need to be extracted first.
The resulting folder should have several files (like ffprobe, qt-faststart and ffmpeg). You only need the ffmpeg file here.

I encouter the same issue.
I downloaded ffmpeg for amd64 architecture from johnvansickles website
ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar.xz - md5
I extracted the ffmpeg file, copied it to my RoonOnNAS/bin folder (which was emptied) and restarted my Roon Server
Afterwards the QNAP message was different : User supplied version
But ARC still can’t access to the core located on my QNAP NAS.

I opened another thread (see below) to avoid confusion due to slight configuration differences with this case.

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