Are there any Squeezebox user's out there?

The original squeezeboxes, up to the SB3, Boom, and Transporter were very similar in engineering approach (truly ‘slim’ devices). This changed with the Touch and the Radio, which are quite different, can do more independently and run SqueezeOS, a linux based system. I have had them all starting with SB3. Still do except got rid of the Receiver portion of the Duet. Love my TOUCH players, Radios, and Transporter.

  • SliMP3 (2001)
  • Squeezebox (November 2003)
  • Squeezebox2 (April 2005)
  • Squeezebox Classic (SB3) (November 2005)
  • Transporter (September 2006)
  • Squeezebox Duet (January 2008), receiver and controller, The controller is the first unit in the Squeezebox line that runs on SqueezeOS, an embedded Linux distribution. These devices are less “slim” than the previous Squeezeboxes. The Squeezebox Radio and the Squeezebox Touch are also SqueezeOS based.
  • Squeezebox Boom (August 2008)
  • Squeezebox Radio (September 2009)
  • Squeezebox Touch (April 2010)
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I joined the SB party with a Boom, later adding a Transporter. at my SB peak, I had two each of Boom, Radio, Touch, and Transporter.

The Boom, Radio, and Touch all had problems w/ WiFi once I moved to a mesh network (never used a transporter wirelessly). I no longer use any squeezeboxes, but occasionally connect a Boom, and it works fine.

if you poke around the slim device forums, it seems the Radio mostly works now with the community firmware, but the touch remains problematic.

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I am well aware of the Radio WIFI problems, have had them myself, and have solved them with the “community firmware”, which I also run on the TOUCH and CONTROLLER (there is a slightly different version for the RADIO only). I visit the slimdevices forum almost daily and have for at least 15 years. I see relatively few posts about TOUCH wifi problems as compared to the many, many threads and posts related to RADIO wifi. But I don’t use a mesh system, so have no evidence on how that interacts with any of the squeezebox players. My TOUCH (5), RADIO (4), BOOM (2), and TRANSPORTER (2) (it is ethernet) are rock solid on my network.* But again, it is probably a 5 or 6 year old router, and not mesh.

*some of those are backup units. In service I have 2 touch, 1 transporter, 2 booms, and 2 radios.

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in my post debate, post Panamanian debacle, mental fog, I thought I was replying to someone else.


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Enjoy. Cheers. :wink:

Me, jumping again… Sorry, which latest firmware version are you running on Touch, Classic and Transporter?

My Radio is gone, now looking for a Boom.

Sometimes I miss Duet remote, but at the end Classic does it work flawless (I swap one for the other in the same room)

I’m using LMS community firmware plugin for the TOUCH, RADIO, CONTROLLER (from Duet)

Touch - Firmware: 8.5.0-r16957 (latest logitech firmware is 7.8.0)
Controller - Firmware: 8.5.0-r16957 (latest logitech is 7.7 or 7.8)
Radio - Firmware: 8.5.0-r16962 (latest logitech is 7.7 or 7.8)
Boom - 57
Transporter - 87
Classic - not sure

Boom, Classic, and Transporter cannot be updated with community firmware. They’ve been on the same firmware for maybe 10 years.


@garym Seeing a familiar username of old times squeezeforum :wink:


Yep, that’s me, still haunting the internet. :sunglasses:


Thank you! I will check what I have, and also what can be updated… May I drop you a PM if any doubt?

best to just post your question here, but PM is fine too. If too Squeezebox specific, I’d say move the discussion over to slimdevices forum. Lots of help there.


A couple of months ago I experienced some issues and lost the USB Audio capabilities for connecting a DAC.

During the efforts to solve the issue I noticed there was a Community Firmware and updated it.

I do not remember it until this conversation. Checked and happy to know I am up-to-date

Thank you again

You are welcome. An applet is required on the TOUCH to setup the ability to connect a DAC via the Touch USB port. I think it is called EDO? But I’ve not used it before. But you seem to have worked out that issue.

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Just put 2 Touches up for sale if any of you are interested….

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Yes enhanced Digital Output just don’t know if the plugin repository still works :wink: I made my own at home and putted the plugins on my NAS…still community is still ongoing on community FW, please check there