ARMv8 RoonBridge update

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.3 (Build 208) is Live!:

How is this done?

Should work to run the easy install script from the download section again.
In case of DietPi you can probably just run the dietpi-software command and select RoonBridge to install it again.

I’m lost, it’s been a while since I did this. I have no idea where to go to run the install script. It looks like it updated through the Roon App. Says that I have build 73. @support

I’m running this on a beaglebone black.

Which armv8 device are you using? do you know which linux distribution is installed on it?

I am using a Beaglebone black with this image:

It has worked since day one of RoonBridge when I added RoonBridge to it. Completely broken now.

ok. I read through the image details.

Basically you need to get access to the command line. This can be done by using a usb keyboard and a screen or by ssh (over network). Do you remember how you did this the last time?
If you have access to it, you should enter a command, to download the execute the install script.

I’ve done that, but it says it won’t install because it is not an ARMv8 device.

Can you check what the output is if you enter
uname -m


I’ll try the v7 version

Reinstalled and the problem I have persists. I outlined it in this thread: