AV Receivers with DoP Support?

Hi. Did you know any av-reciever with DoP?

The question is: How I Can find supported device reading specification?

Hi @Vladislav_Shkarovski,

I have split your post into a separate thread in the #audio-products section. I can’t speak for specific devices, but our partner device matrix might give you a good starting point, after that I would research the individual options. Other Community members may also chime in with their suggestions.

AV receivers have different types of inputs. You need to clarify which input you want DoP for: HDMI, coaxial, toslink, USB (for built-in DAC).

I don’t think any AV receiver supports DoP over HDMI because there is a well defined standard DSD over HDMI.

Some AV receivers have USB port but they cannot be used as USB DAC.

Some AV receivers also support DSD from network, but that’s more a DLNA solution so I don’t think that is what you’re asking about.

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I see. A simple solution is to use a Roon Ready DSD network player with analog output.

I think hdmi to roon rock. Because I whant 5.1

I am looking for New av raciver, for the Better expirience

Hope I Can get One device for music and I think it would be av-receiver