B1145 no scroll bars album page Windows

Hi seem to have no scroll bars on Windows app when on a specific album page. I’m on latest windows 11 surface laptop 3.

I don’t have one either but can’t remember if it had one recently. Seems with each month there are more scrollbars disappearing :slight_smile:

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Forcing us to use touch screens I fear, which my surface has but I hardly use it doesn’t seem right on a pc somehow. You have to wonder how these basic ui things get missed in QA. Can’t work out how they manage to chan he ui when no updates to the ui have been applied.

I scroll by touchpad, but the problem to me is mostly that missing scrollbars don’t make it obvious that you can scroll in the first place. I described this in the first link but I seemed to be the only one who was bothered by it. Yet I have personally answered several questions on the forum where the answer was “scroll down”, which was met with some surprise.

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They don’t seem in a hurry to fix them either the one in device settings has been absent for as long as I can remember now. It’s not a consistent ui approach at all.

I wanted to add something above:

It’s different on a phone or tablet, where scrolling comes more naturally and is difficult to overlook, because the screen will move inevitably when you interact with the app. There is more disconnection on PCs with mouse/touchpad/keyboard and it will never scroll unless you explicitly do it

Can’t see a difference between earlyaccess and production regarding scrollbars (or their absence) on an album details page.

That only means its been missed for some time then and doesnt justiy its absence and makes it even worse that its been missed,. My first time I have used my Windows remote in any full capacity since the 2.0 update so first time I have seen it. Needs fixing regardless of when it occurred.

hi @support are we ever getting scroll bars back on album pages, its really hard to see all of the page without them?