Bug: menus are cut off in 1.8 (still in 763), hiding content and requiring scrolling in menu

[As this poor little report may have been overlooked in the Software room where I created it, I hope it is OK to move it here for the consideration of @support]

Reproduced with Windows desktop, 15" 4K screen, Android tablet 10", and Android phone. No idea about macOS, iOS.

  1. Go to an album
  2. Find a track with more or less complete metadata
  3. Open the track’s 3-dot menu as if going to, e.g., track credit editing

Note: The track menu is just one example, similarly cut-off menus occur in other places, too

The menu box is large enough to let you see all menu entries.
(If the menu was really too large to fit the screen, which it is not, then the menu should give UI feedback that it is scrollable)

The menu is cut off in a seemingly arbitrary place.
There is no scroll indicator telling you that some of the menu content is invisible.
The menu cutoff can fall between 2 menu entries, which perfectly hides the existence of invisible entries.

Screenshot from Windows desktop version follows, the menu here is cut off below “View lyrics …” in such a way that the following “Edit …” entry is barely visible.

  • At least this gives you a hint, but the necessary scrolling is still annoying and slow.
  • However, sometimes the cutoff is just so that you can’t see the following entry; this was the case for me the first time I opened the menu in 1.8 and I had a shock moment of track editing being gone.
  • I hunted for it with a scroll as I knew from 1.7 that it should be there. Had I been a new user starting with 1.8, it may not have occurred to me to scroll, due to the missing UI hint. I may have stayed oblivious to the existence of the hidden menu options

For phone screenshot see this post, item #4: Roon 1.8 on Android Smartphones - UI issues

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Rock Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Roon Server Version 1.8 (build 763) stable
NUC 10i5 w/ 16 GB, 250 GB database SSD (99% of 227 GB available)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Fritzbox 6591 Cable (250 Mbit/s downlink)
(Cat 6a)
> English Electric 8Switch
(Cat 6a)
> Roon Rock

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Naim NDX2 via Ethernet (Cat 6a) to Rock

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Hey @Suedkiez,

Thanks so much for reporting this in such detail! I’m sorry it took us this long to get back to you.

Are you still experiencing the same behavior with the latest build (764)?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Happy to help out, thanks for picking it up. Yep, same thing. Another example from many (this is everywhere), when I open the artist menu on the Windows version I barely see that there is an Edit entry:

In this case, this does not occur on the 10" Android tablet, but other cut-off menus do (such as the mentioned track menus)

I also don’t understand why Edit is the last entry. Surely edit is a more frequent action than Export

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