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After I had returned from a week’s holiday on W10 November, I applied the latest Roon update. I don’t think it’s a coincidence but all BBC Radio stations that I’ve tried load but cut out after exactly 8 secs. It does not happen on any other Internet Radio station and my library of albums loads and plays as before. Should I take this up with my Internet supplier? BBC iPlayer (obviously not through Roon) also loads and plays correctly so it doesn’t appear to be a security or location issue. Graham

Hello @Graham_Griggs , those BBC streams are HLS and come in 8s chunks. Roon is playing one chunk only. Roon can normally play these without problems so something has gone wrong with your core - and it’s nothing to do with your internet supplier.

Have you tried rebooting everything?

Thanks for the explanation of what’s happening, Brian. I’ve just rebooted the core in the Innuos Zenith and also the QNAP backup. I’ve just tried BBC Internet Radio again, and it still cuts out after 8secs. It worked until the last Roon update two weeks ago: is that significant? If not, what so I try next? (At least everything else functions as before.) Graham

Sorry that didn’t work. I think now you’ll have to wait for nucleus support to come along and look at your logs. In the meantime, you can select the mp3 stream for those stations - that should be OK.

Thanks, Brian, Yes MP3 does work although not to quite the same audio quality. Will nucleus support get back to me with a diagnosis of the AAC problem? Graham

Yes, they monitor the support threads.

Hey @Graham_Griggs – Today we released some improvements to the stability of BBC Radio streams in build 903, let us know if it’s working for you after you take the update!

Thanks, Kevin, for your update on BBC Radio streams. Just to confirm that it is now much more stable and does not cut-out after 8secs as it did previously.

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