Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

I have a Bonn N8 switch which feeds the Nucleus. From there another cable from the Bonn N8 goes to a Sonore opticalModule (Roon end point) which feeds via fiber optical cables a Sonore opticalRendu. The opticalRendu then feeds via a USB cable a Mytek Brooklyn Dac+. The Mytek is being powered by a Ferrum Hypos lps.

Therefore my Nucleus is acting as a streamer. Some have indicated that adding an LPS (I am considering the Teddy Pardo) will only benefit the Nucleus if it is only directly connected to a dac via a usb cable.

Based on my set up will I see a benefit using an LPS?

A lot to read but this thread should help you with some information.

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Which model…the sps500 current rating is too low at 19V. You need at least 4.7A @ 19V.

I’m powering my Nucleus with a Keces P8 and am a very happy camper. The Nucleus runs super stable.

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Does anyone use a Nucleus+ Farad Super3? Are there any problems?