Better TIDAL Top tracks

I just found out about Roon and have been trying it out for the past few hours. I really like it so far. In particular, I like finding new music with the Similar To / Followed By / Influenced By / Collaborated With / Associated With / Composers information (which apparently comes from

But… there are just some things that are weird. Top tracks, for example. They just seem flat out wrong a lot of the time (I’m using Tidal).

Search for “Nina Simone”, and you’ll see that “Feeling Good” doesn’t appear in the top 10. Well, it’s got 100 million plays on Spotify (second on the list is My Baby Just Cares For Me with 42 million). Okay, obviously it doesn’t use Spotify’s data… But “Feeling Good” is the top track in Nina Simone’s profile when searching Tidal, and fifth on’s list. So why doesn’t it show up in Roon?

It goes the other way, too. Search for “Feeling Good” and the Nina Simone version doesn’t appear at all! Neither does Muse, Sammy Davis Jr, Michael Buble, Ms Lauryn Hill…

But if you explicitly search for “feeling good nina simone” you can find it, and then see that it’s a composition with 85 versions! Wow! Very cool to be able to explore those.

But how do you find it if searches for Nina Simone or Feeling Good don’t show it?

Roon seems to do a great job at helping me find interesting artists, and a terrible job at suggesting representative tracks for those artists.

In fact, it’s so bad that I think I’ve got something configured incorrectly. I’m pretty certain I do, actually. I just searched for The Beatles and the top track is Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.

I just noticed that when I search for an artist and look at their top tracks they all say “0 plays”. So I wonder if it’s trying to sort by number of plays, and this is just the weird ordering it’s coming up with?

Is there a way to see an artist’s top tracks as measured by popularity in some way? Roon seems to not be doing that, and it’s pretty maddening for what is an otherwise really cool music library application.


Seems like this behavior is around a year old at least: Most played in Tidal

So… that’s interesting.

My next question is, do people use Roon primarily for navigating through music that’s already in your library, and not really for finding new music to add to it?

That seems like a shame, given how useful the Similar To / Followed By / Influenced By / Collaborated With / Associated With / Composers information is.


I am simply shocked that there is not more of an outcry for this feature.

This is a must have! You are losing customers by not having it!

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Very strange indeed, another strange thing is that the “roon” implementation of top tracks only is visible in the windows app, but not on the android app on my samsung galaxy S8.

It wouldnt be so hard to pull the top tracks list from the tidal server i reckon?

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Well… after using Roon for a few days, I understand that it’s not using any external info to determine top tracks - Roon top tracks are the most played tracks.

So I guess this is a feature request. Perhaps @support can move it to the appropriate section?


I really like Roon, I started using it a couple of days ago and I definitely am signing up. So far the only thing that I find myself doing is going back to Tidal to listen to suggested tracks when looking at an artist. I really agree with PatMaddox in this post, adding a suggested tracks for an artist would be great. Something similar to what Tidal produces. Or just reproduce what Tidal as. I think it would really be great.

I just found out that Roon does suggest top tracks. Never mind.

Roon does not pull top tracks from Tidal though, and that’s the request here, Roon only pulls data from your local music. It’s a bizarre omission for sure…how in the world are you expected to explore new artists if you don’t know where to start?

My understanding is the next version of Radio will dip into Tidal even if not in one’s collection. Presumably then the Roon logic will support suggesting tracks, albums, artists from within Roon. Even if the next release doesn’t do that, presumably it could be implemented.

I just hope this logic is not all specific to Tidal, at least if the concerns of Tidal’s stability are true.

Just found this thread as I am also missing a top tracks feature based on Tidal. Is there any update regarding this? Weird that no one from roon support is even commenting on this.

Having access to the top tracks of an artist is essential for browsing and exploring music on Roon. Sometimes I find myself using tidal to check the top tracks and search for them directly within roon.


Totally agree.

Roon - What is the status of this?

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Does anyone find the current TOP TRACKS in Roon of any interest? Why? I have the same perception and interest as this thread articulates (i.e. I see value in the Tidal list but not my own most plays).

I have been trying to figure out any use or interest at all from the Roon Top tracks current implimentation. It seems to be a most played list from my local library (i.e. I have played the same song 15 times (just a few seconds) to compare with other versions and now each version is on my Top Tracks list.

Most of my tracks have 0 or 1 play and in that case I can’t figure out how the Top Tracks were selected nor do they seem like any logical place to start with an artist.

I believe they are a reflection of the top tracks selected in that roon uses for reviews.

I believe that is correct.

Most of the time when I have all the albums from an artist with 0 plays I get what looks like a random list of tracks all AMG top tracks. Playing nothing but AMG top picks is useful even if the first 5 songs are not anywhere near the most played.

Playing tracks a couples times puts them on the Top Track list. ahead of the 0 play AMG tracks.

There are examples like Billy Joel and ABBA where the most recently imported album populated the entire Top Tracks list and that included tracks that weren’t AMG top picks. I have all their albums. I will just treat that an outliers so no issue.

In summary the Tidal top plays list (needs a big data set) is most helpful for new artist exploring but even a shuffle on AMG top tracks is of interest. Perhaps AMG top picks is better than top plays for artists I know since I am more interested in tracks below the top few most popular. If an Artist had 10 albums and I could listen to just the AMG Top Picks that would be a nice way to listen…

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Crickets here as well? No statement from Roon?

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I’m doing a roon trial and I immediately noticed this. I’d much rather have the most played tracks from Tidal determine the top tracks over what some random reviewer thinks at All Music. In fact, I very often disagree with their reviews all together. It would make much more sense that people’s listening habits would be a better indicator than a review written by one person.


I would also second that this would be a great feature. Currently what I do is find an artist I want to explore in Roon, open Spotify or Tidal app on my phone to see their top tracks and then go back to Roon to listen to them by finding the right album (which can be hard if they have a ton of albums…cough cough Miles Davis :slight_smile:)

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Hi, having the same problem myself. Does anybody know if Roon has done anything to address this yet? Thanks!

Bump this top tracks issue. I’m hugely disappointed that Roon does not have a top tracks on the artist’s page like all other respectable players.

One of the main reasons to use Roon is to find new music, no better way to do that than have top tracks just like Spotify, Tidal, BluOS, etc.

This has me looking to other options.


I also find that the Top Tracks on Roon do not reflect those of Tidal (I use Tidal only, no local files).
A top track on Roon is halfway down on Tidal.