Bookmark folders

Would it be possible to implement bookmark folders, like those in Firefox for example? With a rapidly growing number of bookmarks it would be great of have this level of organization.


yikes, we feared this… we didnt really know how bookmarks were going to get used…

can you tell us how you are using bookmarks?

Sorry to alarm you @danny :wink:

At the moment I use bookmarks to save various Focus configurations, for example to identify downloads from different sources (Hyperion, Qobuz, Presto Classical, etc), high resolution albums, unidentified albums, Tidal albums, etc. I also use bookmarks to group collections, e.g. the Hyperion Schubert Edition and the Harnoncourt / Leonhardt Bach Sacred Cantatas series.

In JRiver, I use smarlists to achieve the same and group them into playlist groups such as Dowloads and Collections.


I was opening a thread about bookmarks but I found this so I’m here to ask basically same things.
I’d like to use bookmarks for things like ones described by chris up here (Unidentified, hiRes, Tidal, etc) or other things
For Example I could have a folder named Miles Davis with bookmarks created with tags like First quintet, Second Quintet, With Coltrane, With Gil Evans, Second Quintet, Electric etc or a Folder named Prog with bookmarks created with focus on genre and years like Proto Prog (1967-69), Golden Age (1970-1976), late Prog (1976-80) and so on.
For doing thing like this, folder organization like in Internet Browsers with folders and subfolders is necessary.

I hope this not to alarm Danny…:wink:



I’m guessing this feature request hasn’t proved popular, but I’d like to add my vote to the idea of adding bookmark folders (or some other way of nesting them). At this stage I’m not using them extensively, but only because I don’t particularly want to navigate through a long scrolling list. If I had folders I’d be able to sort them more efficiently.


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Throwing my vote behind this too. I love the bookmarks feature. I use it extensively to bookmark my favorite engineers, producers, record labels, focus views, etc. It was a stroke of brilliance to add this feature to begin with. I’d love to have folders so I can organize them.

Love what you all are doing! Keep up the amazing work.



I use bookmarks for a wide variety of track/composer/album/random stuff collections.

It would be great to have folders or some other non-structured organization method to (for example) separate track book marks from album bookmarks, or separate them by genres or random tags i’ve created to group objects.

I’d like to have this feature too. Over time, the number of my bookmarks has grown to a level that there needs to be some type of organization - a folder structure would be great. I currently use bookmarks to build lists of my favorite music for specific artists, genres, and composers.

Music Mac

I’ll bump this one, as this is something I’d find very useful, but as the original request was posted in 2015 I’m not going to hold my breath :slight_smile:

Bumping. My bookmarks are growing out of hand - would be great to be able to create folders for related bookmarks in order to better organise things.

See, the problem with this request is the word ‘folders’. The word ‘folder’ carries a lot of baggage for Roon.

Need to think of another word for what you want.:wink:

How about ‘sets’?

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Yes, or submenu / group?

Why this hesitation against this.

Same with…cough…:

Bumping this as well … would like to be able to organize my bookmarks by folder, similar to using folders in web browsers … quickly access large groups of albums subdivided - it would help navigate my large and steadily expanding library of 13000 plus albums … John

What you want is some hierarchical way to organize playlists and bookmarks so they are more manageable than a flat list.

This is a no brainer and I am surprised this does not already exists. But I am also surprised that smart playlists like what iTunes offered are not already present.

I think there have been a few other threads where this has been mentioned so I’ll add my +1 to this one as well.

The Roonies have stated they are not really playlist users…

I only used iTunes for a few months but in that short time found dynamic/smart playlists to be very useful.

I am not a playlist person anymore. I used to be when I used iTunes. When I switched to Roon and really got back into listening to music on a quality 2 channel system, I became someone who listens to full albums instead of single tracks or playlists.

Listening to full albums fundamentally changed how I looked at music. I stopped being a person that listened to hit songs and became a person that appreciated the art that went into making albums. This opened me up to many more artists than I would have listened to when I listened to popular songs.

So, I really don’t care about playlists…but I know many people do…and it shouldn’t be that hard to have great tools to build playlists.

I still don’t understand why better naming & using filter is not enough… it’s so fast and easy to chop up multiple ways

I presume you mean Focus and saving it as a Bookmark?

Yeah, it works…it’s just not as easy to use as iTunes query builder interface…

Maybe you guys can put together a tutorial on how to do this “fast and easy to chop up multiple ways” method you of which you speak to create smart playlists. Because it hard enough that many don’t bother even trying.