BT Smart Hub 2: IPv6 Will Prevent Port Forwarding [Solutino: Disable IPv6 in BT Modem Settings ]

I’m struggling to get port forwarding to connect.

My network topology is router (BT Smart Hub 2) connected via ethernet to a switch; Intel NUC running ROCK is also connected via ethernet to that switch. Router broadcasts wifi also.

I’m trying to connect using Roon running on a Windows PC which is connected via ethernet to the switch. But the Roon Mobile settings shows that it’s not connected:

It also doesn’t show the Roon Core IP (I don’t know if this is expected)?

Looking at the Roon Mobile setup guide, step 1 says “download Roon Mobile on your mobile device”. So maybe this setup process won’t work using my PC?

I therefore switch to my iPhone (connected to my home network via wifi) and open up standard Roon. Looking at the Roon Mobile settings, I see the same errors as on the PC.

So then I try and download Roon Mobile - but the getting started guide says to make sure that port forwarding is set up first BEFORE downloading Roon Mobile. So the instructions seem a bit ambiguous to say the least!

So I log in to my router (BT Smart Hub 2) to set up port forwarding - I read that upnp is less secure. The setup guide says:

1. Open a port for manual forwarding.

    1. Go to the port forwarding section (this varies widely per router but look for an Advanced tab, or NAT, Security, Gaming, Advanced Setup, Firewall, or Virtual Servers).*
    1. Copy Roon’s port # from the manual section and add this as a port. Roon requires that the external port and internal port are the same.*
    1. Return to Roon > Settings > Roon Mobile and run the connection test.*

What is meant by “Copy Roon’s port # from the manual section”? I don’t seem to have a Roon manual. The Roon Mobile settings does show a port number however, as seen on the screenshot above - 42759. So I did the following in my router’s port forwarding page, and saved my changes:

Is that correct? The setup guide says nothing about “start”, “end” or the “protocol” (I set start and end as the same port, and TCP as protocol). The ROCK has IP, which you can see if you switch the view to IPs.

However, the Roon Mobile setrtings page still shows the same - “Not Ready”. I tried restarting ROCK and Roon, both on my PC and iPhone, but no changes.

I then see this on the Getting Started guide:

To use Roon ARC outside your home network, you’ll need port forwarding configured on your network so that Port 55000 forwards to your Roon Core.

So am I not to “copy Roon’s port from the manual section” (presumably 42759, but I’m not sure what is meant by the manual section), and instead use port 55000? Even more confused now. Do I change the port in Roon to this, as well as in the port forward rules on my router?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

@extracampine, we’ve found some revealing traces in your Core log history. Are there any settings related to IPv6 in your router GUI that you can share via screenshot? Something in your LAN is assigning an IPv6 IP address that’s choking up port forwarding.

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Hi @connor ,

Sure, here is the IPv6 page:

And if you click on “configuration”:

According to this page your can turn off IPv6 by changing the Allocation mode from Stateless to Off. If that’s correct, turn it off then reboot your router.

It might also be worth rebooting your NUC too.

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@connor @DaveN - I turned off IPv6 as suggested, and restarted my NUC. And BOOM! This is now what I see in Roon:

So it’s looking good! Thank you so much both, and the others who chipped in. Hopefully this will assist other BT users who may have similar problems. I’ll now go and continue to follow the setup guide! :smiley: Thanks a million


Hi @extracampine,

Fantastic! This will absolutely pave the road for smoother auto-configuration moving forward. Thanks for your patience and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on ARC!

@DaveN nice work! :soccer::goal_net:


Well, I’m kind of kicking myself for not thinking of IPv6 earlier, but no matter, it’s sorted now :slight_smile: