Build 571 - erratic / Unstable on QNAP 251A

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I have been running Roon on my QNAP 251A for the last two years totally uneventfully!
Update the Build 571 was problematic. I also had to “unauthorize” to be able to connect to the Core after the update! An unexpected and unorthodox update requirement.
The above was solved, but ever since the Corre has been running erratically. It disconnects unexpectedly while playing music and refuses to reconnect. The Core must be stopped and restarted. And even doing that involves several minutes of “spinning” and “hanging”. It eventually reconnects and plays music, until the next time it cuts off.

Network is fine. Internet connection is fine. Speed tests are fine. It is not a network issue.

I want to bring this issue to Support’s attention because the instability and behavior is not typical of the quality and reliability Roon provided to date.


Hi @Gyuri_Karady,

This does sound like unexpected behavior, so I have a few questions which may help us identify the cause:

When this occurs, does the music playback also stop or just your remotes disconnect?
What Roon Remotes are you using, can you list the model/manufacturer?
Does the same issue occur across multiple remotes or just one in particular?

Thank you for connecting.

Yes, the music disconnects! That is what makes me take note and “investigate”.

I have three types of remotes: PC, iPhone, Android. Unfortunately all disconnect when the music stops.

HI @Gyuri_Karady,

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date + track this issue occurs next on and send me a copy of your QNAP logs by using these instructions? The best method to get the logs over would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service just let me know and I can provide an alternate upload method.

Hi Noris,

I was listening to Led Zeppelin, Moby Dick. It stopped playing just before 11 am this morning, June 22 (say around 10:45 am ET).

I shut down Roon at 11:02 am - I’ll send you the QNAP logs re this.
I will also send you Roon Logs - Look for events around 10:45 - 10:50 am ET June 22.

Do you want to give me a more private email address for me to share the Dropbox link?


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Hi @Gyuri_Karady,

I started a private message thread with you (green “1” in top right corner).
You can post the link there, thanks!

Hi @Gyuri_Karady,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I took over them and it looks like there were issues loading the track, but the issue is not clear as to why in the logs.

Since you mentioned that you have a QNAP, can you confirm you installed the latest QNAP package from a few days ago? Please see:

Hi Noris,
No, I did not. I do not know who is. I do not follow them. As a general security rule, I a priori intensely distrust unknown sites and do not download / install things from them.
Do you, Roon, officially endorse this patch? Have you reviewed it / security tested it?

Hi @Gyuri_Karady, is the website of the QNAP package creator @crieke, and he is part of our team so yes I would say his packages are trustworthy. He submitted an update to the QNAP app store, but it is still pending approval from from what I know, so the manual install would be useful for you for the time being.

I will do as you suggest,

In general, it pays to be suspicious!!!

ps. I have another thread that has not been answered for some time. It is regarding compatibility with Bose. I have Meridian, Sonos and Bose equipment. the former 2 are OK with Roon. But Bose, Not So!
who do I need to talk to to get a straight answer when Bose will be brought into the Roon family? (ps I am pestering Bose too for an answer)
thanks for any suggestions

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Hi @Gyuri_Karady,

Did the update help with the issues you were having?

Regarding your other question - I would submit it as a feature request, but there are other ways to play to your Bose devices, a Roon Bridge can help see:

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