Can Roon search for files recursively through subdirectories?

Can Roon search for files recursively through subdirectories? Is there a limit to the level of sub-folders? When I pointed it to my top level directory it did not seem to find the files but when I changed the Watched folders to each parent directory (in my case I used genre titles) it started to find the files.

Thanks, Gus

I don’t think this will be a definitive answer to your query, but as an example this is the folder structure of my music files:

Root Folder : \music

Next level folders : CD, DSD, FLAC, High Resolution, HDTracks, Vinyl

Then they all following the structure of : \artist\album

So the typical path would be:




et al…

Thanks @bplexico - I’m not sure why I couldn’t just point Roon at my two top level directories and let it search down through the folder structure. Maybe someone from Roon will advise.

@GusGranite You can do that, in my example, where everything is under the “Music” folder - I add that in the Storage Settings.

Previously when I also had another root level folder called “Music Other” I also specified that in Storage settings, so in effect I had two watched folders setup for Roon, and it identified all music ( and there sub folders ) in both directories.

You can have multiple watched folders. Give it a try, unless I am misunderstanding your setup.


p.s. I re read both your messages and I see you are doing exactly as I just mentioned, so I guess I am unclear on what isn’t working for you? What does your folder structure look like?

Hey Gus,

Sorry for the slow response here. We absolutely scan subdirectories, so if music is not being added, something else must be going on.

If you’re still having issues with your top level directory, we can get some logs and take a deeper look. Send me a PM if you’d like us to investigate, and we can figure out what’s going on.

Sorry for the trouble!

No problem @mike - I think I am hitting the same issue as this person: Watched folder. Map drive or point to host? Albums also not visible

When I ask Roon to scan the D: drive it lets me add the drive as a watched folder but does not scan any files.

But when I individually add the folders in D: such as D:\Jazz it then starts to scan. The drives are internal harddrives connected via SATA.

Is it because Roon has to start with a single top level folder rather than just a drive letter or something?

Thanks, Gus

Another instance of this also: Roon will not allow watched folder if network drive assigned a drive letter

Thanks @GusGranite – we took another look at this today, and we have a fix coming in our next release that should address a few scenarios that can cause this issue. Let us know how it goes once our 1.1 release is live, and we can take another look if there are any cases we’ve missed.

Appreciate the report!

Thanks @mike - impressive response as ever.

Woohoo! Fixed :smile:

Thank you.

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Oh no. Roon now crashes when I try to start it. Is there any way to debug the crash? I can no longer get into the app.

Hey @GusGranite,

Sorry for the trouble here. We’ll be in touch via PM so we can get some more information from you, and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

Stand by!

Thanks Mike - I’m sure it’s just my PC. Will respond to the PM.