Can’t log in to Roon

This is new. I was before running Roon with no problems logging in (but with some other problems).
I have a Mac Pro mid 2012 running the latest software.
Before the log in problem I used Time Machine to set back all Roon-items in the Library because when I logged in Roon began sampling my music again, while the day before he already had collected 150.000 tracks, so I didn’t want the app to collect this huge amount again. What can I do to solve that problem?
The other problem was about playing music from an iPad that I will explain in another topic

I am having the same issue

Hi @Frans_Devies and @Christopher_Halcrow ----- Thank you both for the feedback and sorry to hear of the troubles here.

Moving forward, to help us understand why you may be experiencing this issue while trying to log in may I very kindly ask you both (if you have not already) to please provide the following:

  • Please verify the make/model of device currently hosting your Roon core.

    • Additionally are you running RoonServer OR are you running a “full” Roon install on the core machine? It’s important to remember that RoonServer will not have a user interface.
  • Please use the instructions found here to send us a set of your Roon logs from the device hosting your core.


  • If I am understanding your post correctly it sounds like to try restore from a TimeMachine based backup. Is this correct? I am asking because in order to restore from a backup you should be able to select “restore a backup” from the login screen and then navigate to the desired backup that was created.

  • Additionally I must advise that we have seen issues come up with TimeMachine based backups as indicated here in our knowledge base.


  • Are you currently trying to setup the software on your computer and you are not able to login? The reason for my asking is because once the application has been set up there should be no need to login again after the fact, unless you are starting with a fresh database.


Hi Eric, everything fine now after deleting everything via appcleaner and starting a fresh install. It just took to long to wait to solve the issues and it was getting worse with every change that I did.

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