Cannot add album to library

@support At this moment I cannot add any album to my library.
It looks as if it is added and then show a comment “ album verwijderd” in Dutch= album deleted.
Library consists of 9.763 albums.
This morning it worked fine.

When I add albums of Joan armatrading the loading process takes long and then I get the message: albums deleted. I got <10 k albums. Playing the albums in Roon works well.

Hi @Jeroen_Kooi ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The insight is appreciated and sorry to hear of the difficulties. I have combined your posts into a single thread so we can address this behavior with you in the same place.

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you have reported, may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • Just to make sure I am understanding this comment correctly:

    “When I add albums of Joan armatrading the loading process takes long and then I get the message: albums deleted. I got <10 k albums. Playing the albums in Roon works well.”

    • At this current time you album to play content that is already in your library, but any new content you tried to add fails to import, correct?
  • Can you please post a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?

  • Since noticing this behavior have you tried rebooting your core machine to see if that triggers a change in behavior?


Tidal is up to date
Roon 1.5 latest version
Mac OS Sierra latest update runs on i=pad I-mac and i-mac mini. I-mac mini has additional storage of 2.3 TB. Tidal-Roon runs on I-mac mini
147.000 tracks or 9.750 albums.

My problem is this. I can listen at this moment to any album. However. I cannot add it to the library.

Underneath the example of the notifications.

I notice that you are trying to add a TIDAL album to your library. How many albums have you marked as Favorites in TIDAL? There is apparently a TIDAL limit of 10,000 albums, and you won’t be able to add any more into your Roon collection.

In myRoon library ar 9.763 albums. That leaves another 237 albums. I am not sure how you define Tidal favorites. I Only use Roon on my i pad. Roon en Tidal just run in the background via my i-mac mini. Roon in I-pad mentions 9.763 albums in Library out of 30 mio available.

So you’ve never accessed TIDAL either by using the TIDAL app or via a web browser on your Mac mini? You only access TIDAL through Roon?

Not Really. My IT-support makes sure that Tidal and Roon run at the mac-mini. I only use the i-pad with the Roon app. There no Tidal on the I-pad.
The only time I am on the mac-mini is when a software update has been installed and the mac-mini restarts and all promans had to close down.

Hi @Jeroen_Kooi ---- Thank you for you touching base with me and providing the requested feedback back. Both are appreciated!

Continuing forward, if I am understanding this correctly you library is predominantly made up of TIDAL based content, yes? @Geoff_Coupe has brought up a good point in his post above about the “favorites limit” with TIDAL content and I think we need to define what is being done in Roon vs what may be happening in TIDAL. I understand that your “IT-support” is making sure that both services (TIDAL and Roon) are running on your core but as mentioned I think it will be important to clearly understand what is happening in TIDAL to concisely evaluate this behavior. Any additional insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated and helpful!


Hi Eric,

I do not know what you wexactly want from me. Tidal and Roon run, as required in the background on a Roon shows on the mac mini exactly the same as onm my i-pad. See the screenshot. Tidal I have no clue. When I select albums I see my albums. However I do not see how many albums. I do not really care with Tidle. Roon is the one I am doing business with. As you see I pay a huge monthly amount to Tidal.
Let me know which further info you need.

Hello @Jeroen_Kooi,

Thank you for your screenshots, they will be helpful in determining what exactly is going wrong here. I have gone ahead an enabled diagnostics mode on your account and what this will do is next time your Core computer is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for further analysis. I will make sure to confirm with you once that report has reached us and we can take a closer look at what could be wrong. In the meantime while we have a chance to analyze logs, can I please ask you to perform the following test:

  • Open your Roon application and navigate to your albums page
  • Write down the names of 5 albums you have on that page
  • Temporarily remove them from your library
  • After removing all 5 of them, add them to your library again

This test will prove or disprove if there are issues with adding additional albums in general or if this issue is localized to just the album you provided in your screenshot and will be helpful in recommending next steps forward. Please let me know your findings after doing so.


Ha Noris,

I have just deleted 5 five. I did this via Roon on my I pad

  • RAM Paul and Linda
  • Mc Cartney- Paul McCartney
  • Ban on the rum
  • My side of the window Ralph Mctell
  • Streets of London- Best of Ralph McTell


Ha Noris,

I have just Added the same albums to my library again. That worked really well. No problem whatsoever.
-Band on the run

  • My side of the window -Ralph mctell
  • Streets of London- Best of Ralph mc tell

Ha Noris,

I have just added the album by Chastity Brown and that seemed to work well. However then I got the response that the album was not found and now I cannoot add it anymore and it is not in my library. I am encountering the sameproblems again.
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Ha Noris,

Instead of the subscription picture I should hav included this picture.


Can you go to the Settings/General screen, and tell us what the setting is of the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” option?

If it is set to “No”, please set it to “Yes”, and then tell us how many Albums are listed in the Album Browser. Thanks.

Ha Geoff,

Thx for your rapid response. I send you two screenprints. The “hidden” was already on “yes”. I have no hidden albums.

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Hello @Jeroen_Kooi,

I have a few questions regarding your setup from the QA team, please let me know your response to the following:

  • Can you please try to log out of TIDAL and log back (in the Roon app) to see if the issue still persists?
  • Can you confirm if you are using an SSD in your Mac Mini? Or is it just a regular HDD?
  • Is there any change if you trigger a manual re-sync with TIDAL? You can do so in Settings -> Services -> Edit button next to TIDAL -> Sync Library Now. It looks something like this:

Please let me know your findings after doing so and I will add those notes to your case with QA.


Ha Noris,

Thank you very much for your commitment solving this nasty issue.

. I logged Tidal off. The problem still exists.
. The Mac-mini just has a HDD - disk. I will send you a printscreen of the system of the mac-mini.
. I syncronised Tidal and Roon manually and I noticed this was already done two minutes before.

Again thx you so much for picking up this issue so seriously.

Jeroen Kooi

Hello @Jeroen_Kooi,

Thanks for providing the requested troubleshooting steps and the screenshot. I couldn’t help but notice that you are running very low on available space on your Hard Disk. 2.08/2.11TB used. Is this hard drive the location where your Roon Database is also stored?

That could be an explanation of why you are running into this issue, I would recommend making some space available for Roon to operate properly by moving any unneeded files on that disk over to another hard disk. I would recommend you have at least 500MB free on the hard disk that contains the database as that would be my first step here.

An additional test that we can run here is by trying to add the album to your favorites using the TIDAL app and seeing if it shows up in Roon after a force refresh. To do those steps, open the TIDAL app, add the Joan Armatrading album to your TIDAL library from inside the app, open Roon and force a TIDAL refresh and see if it shows up in Roon.

I highly recommend that you try clearing some space on your hard disk first before running the second test as this seems to indicate a performance issue where the database is unable to add more content because it is out of space. Please let me know your findings after doing so.