Cannot connect to Core - Manual IP connection

How do you specify the IP on Roon app

It’s difficult to find. You would expect to see it in settings, but I
don’t think it is there. It’s on the first splash screen of a Roon Remote
trying to access the server. On the screen where it says ‘Choose your Roon
Core’ select ‘Help’. The next screen shows you to enter the IP address of
the Core.

I hope this helps.

Stills doesn’t work for me
My NAS is connected to the internet directly to the router
Along with a LUMIN D2
I did input the router IP to no avail

Hi @Rene_Elhadad,

What is your Core PC? Can you confirm you have Roon installed on your Core as well? If you don’t have Roon installed on a PC, then you wouldn’t be able to connect, you need a PC managing the Roon database, for more info please see Roon’s Architecture.


Roon is Installed on a QNAP serving as Core
accessing NAS from a PC to manage the database…Basically I have to find the NAS IP
Am I right?

Hi @Rene_Elhadad,

Thanks for confirming you indeed have a Core setup. Just to clarify - you’re having issues with connecting to the Core from all of your Roon Remotes (including the PC) or just one/some of the remotes? Do you not see the NAS Core pop up on the “Choose your Core” screen?

Hey Noris
My difficulty is to connect on my Google pixel phone and Chromebook
Basically any Android 10 devices

Hi @Rene_Elhadad,

What is your router model? Do you have an option for IGMP Proxying or IGMP Snooping on the router? If so, I would try toggling these settings to verify if there is any change in behavior, as they have helped with multicast issues in the past.

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