Cannot create a backup either manually or automatically

Another bug, which is pretty bad.

I now cannot create a backup either manually or automatically.

Been running fine until 1.8. Now I get an automatic backup failure report.

When I try to run a manual backup, I get there was an issue loading your database, forcing me to restore last backup from 9th Dec.

This has happened now 4 times in a row.

Once the backup has been restored it is ok, until it either trys to run an automatic backup and fails or I try to run a manual one, then I have to rebuild database (because new version) ^^ (rinse and repeat)…

I have reinstalled the OS as well and bug still exists. Rock on NUC

Guys, never ever had roon problems like this since I started using many years ago…

Good job I’m a lifer or I would be starting to thinking about not renewing sub.

Fixed. Had to restart new database so lost all my listening history :frowning:

that’s a pain :roll_eyes:

Spoke to soon.

Broken again.

Something else is wrong… it seems you have a track with some unicode thing going on that is breaking the load. Looking into it.

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