Cannot favorite (click the heart)[Ticket in]

Hi. Here’s a super short screen recording which shows I am unable to click the heart to favorite a track.


The heart icon gives you a way to flag your favorite tracks in your library, so they’re easy to find later by clicking the heart button in any of the browsers. Favorites also inform selections made by our Radio feature, and are taken into consideration when computing the Top Tracks list you see for artists in your library.

All of these are features are tightly linked to your library, at least for the moment. We expect some of this to change. For example, in the future Radio will offer the ability to also play relevant tracks that are not in your library (yet).

That said, favorites are designed to be library based – this is content in your library you’ve flagged as being your personal favorites, so you’ll need to add content to your library before the heart icon is available.

  1. Why does the heart icon appear at all if I am not supposed to be able to favorite the track (click it)

  2. Why such a strong distinction between in and not in my library? Isn’t Roon an “always on” exploration experience? If I’m feeling a track I just discovered, why deny me the ability to favorite it?

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For Tidal albums not in my library, there is no heart icon shown at all - not by the album, and not by the track.

Once a Tidal album has been added to my library, then the heart icons appear at both the Album and Track levels. They also work as expected, cycling through “off”, “favourite” and “ban” with each click.

However, in the “Now Playing” screen there is this non-operative heart icon shown at the Album level for Tidal albums not added to my library.

This seems to be a UI bug? The icon should not be shown in this case…? The same could also be said for the Lyrics icon in this situation…

On a device using a mouse, there is at least visual feedback (when the icon can be clicked, the cursor changes to a hand symbol). However, on a touchscreen device, there is no visual feedback given.

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I have come across a variation of this ‘problem’.

I find at certain times for some reason when I try and favourite a track in the now playing area, it will change to a filled heart, then immediately change back to empty on its own - it doesn’t cycle through banned either. This happens on both IOS app and wth my PC. At other times it works fine.

Also, sometimes, when I look at the track later on, it has a filled heart, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I shoud point out that I don’t have an active tidal account, so this is all concerning tracks in my library stored on a synology NAS.

Let me know if you need any other information to help diagnose the problem

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I’ve been told this is a known bug.

ok thanks @tboooe - I did try a search before adding this.

Hi Nick,

Is it still occurring for you? This is a bug that’s hard to reproduce.

It can be fixed by restarting the Roon app. *** but don’t do it yet!

@mike might want to get logs from you.

Let us know if it’s still occurring.

Cheers, Greg

yes, been happening this evening on both IOS and PC so let me know what you need me to do - won’t be until tomorrow now though.

I will leave the apps open overnight

The one thing that occurred to me was whether this was linked to whether a track was a ‘pick’ with a tick against it or not, but I haven’t specifically tested this yet

This one is vexing. I’ve seen it maybe 5 times in 18 months, but it’s definitely real, and I don’t have any idea how to make it happen.

@Nick_Stamp – if you’re seeing this pretty frequently, please let me know whatever details you can about your setup, your usage patterns, the order in which the various devices start up, how you use profiles, etc – anything that will help us reproduce this consistently.

I doubt logs will help in this case, but if you’re in this state, send a PM to @support and we’ll gather some logs. Thanks!

Thx guys, I found a way how to reproduce. Ticket is in.

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Any updates on this? I am finding clicking on the favorite icon only works 10% of the time for me. Most of the time it does not change color. This is mostly done at a Roon remote (MacBook Pro). I can click 20 times and it still stays white. Have no idea if I’m banning any of these tracks.
I need this to work because this will be my way around Roon not reading my meta data (5 star ratings)

Hey @Frank_DeMello – we’ve found a few cases for when this happens on the Now Playing/Queue screen. Is that where you’re having this issue, or is it happening somewhere else?

If it’s somewhere else, can you describe your full setup, and whether you’re able to reproduce this issue after a fresh restart of all your devices (including your Core and any devices running as remotes). Thanks!

Hi Mike - correct. This happens in the Playing Now/Queue screen. Mostly noticed on the Roon remotes but also have seen on the core. The key is this happens when playing music. I have had success using the favorite button on the Core with nothing playing

Core on iMac (content on USB drive)>Roon remotes (iPad & MacBook Pro). PS Audio DirectStream Dac Jr

@Frank_DeMello ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the slow response. I wanted to let you know, that based on your observations:

“This happens in the Playing Now/Queue screen.”

you appear to be having the same issue as the users above. A ticket is in with our developers to have this issue fixed and once we have a set time when the fix should go live, we will update this thread. We appreciate the insight and most importantly your patience.


I looked in the queue display, and saw a heart symbol for the current track. I clicked on it, and it filled in solid and then immediately cleared again, indicating the favorite marking didn’t take.

But looking in the album, it did take, the track was marked with a heart. But the current track display malfunctioned.

(And there was another display where it also malfunctioned, but I don’t remember where…)

Hi Anders,

Moved your post. See above.

Cheers, Greg

Any update on this?
I am presuming the behaviour I see where in a playlist I click on a Tidal track to favorite it - the icon doesn’t change but if I go to the actual album display it is shown as a favorite.
Playlist view

Album view

I just noticed this (with the latest build), if I click the heat at the bottom of the screen, it marks the track as “like” in the track list but doesn’t show this status change in the “task bar” and any subsequent clicks on the heart fail to change the “like” status of the track. this is on the OSX client.

@ged_hickman1 and @John_Mason ------ Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are looking into it :microscope: