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I hope you guys are still sleeping, eating with the 1.3 support avalanche.

Just noticed this today with 1.3 build 200. When I click on the heart at the bottom bar, nothing happens. The hear will light up white for a split second then go back to unfilled. When I have the album open I do not see any status change of the heart in the track list.

Also i notice the status of the heart in the track list is not displayed in the bottom bar. This may be because I clicked the heart in the album view after I started the album.

We’ve been chasing this bug for a long time, but we still don’t have consistent reproduction steps. :frowning:

@tboooe @ged_hickman1 @John_Mason - can you guys confirm this goes away if you restart your Remote and your Core? Or is this persistent for you guys?

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Restarted coreserver and OSX client and now can’t reproduce problem. Will keep trying and then see if the logs show anything.

Sometimes when I favorite from the Queue “now playing” the heart doesn’t stay highlighted.

When I go to the Album of favored track I see that it’s highlighted.

It works but it doesn’t.

Hi Donald,

I moved your post here. This has been an elusive bug to track down.

Try restarting your core and remotes and see if that fixes the problem.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

That did not fix the problem. However, I discovered another problem.

When I add a Tidal Album to my library via the core, then try to favorite a track on that Album from the Queue screen, I notice the heart is grayed out and doesn’t allowing me to select it.

I select the Album from the Queue screen and see that I have the option to “Add to Library” again!

I go to “Overview” and see that the Album is listed under “Recently Added”.

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Sorry to revive this folks but with the latest build I am still seeing this issue. Clicking on the heart in the now playing area makes it flash for an instant then go back to being empty. Weird thing is, if I have the track listing showing and I click on the heart in the now playing area, even though it just flashes the heart gets filled in the track listing. If I press the heart again in the now playing area, the heart does not change in the track listing. Its just the first selection that toggles the heart from empty to filled in the track listing. I can of course toggle the heart status from empty to filled to ban in the track listing.

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I am still seeing this behavior in 1.4. Really frustrating not to be able to favorite a song while playing.

Any update on a fix from the Roon team?

Thank you

Still no consistent heart, like some of my former loves.

It seems to happen after recent edits to the track or album. Just a thought.

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I have noticed this problem a few times lately. Heart goes to full and then to empty by itself in a split second. Does not cycle through banned. Has this ever been fixed in the code or is it still a gremlin that is hard to reproduce?

I’m seeing this in Roon 1.4/Mac Pro/High Sierra.

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Still a problem for me. Many times nothing will happen on the screen when hitting the heart. Killing my ability to curate a library. Are the Roon developers ever going to fix this? Can I sell a Lifetime subscription?

Yup. I haven’t seen it in a while, but most of us have seen it on occasion.

The problem is that no one has figured out how to make it happen on demand :frowning:

Agreed, I haven’t found a way to make it repeat, nor have I noticed any particular pattern when it happens, other than it seems to apply to Tidal tracks. One possible clue is that one time I had this issue on a PC acting as a remote and I was able to actually do the favorite while on the core. That may mean nothing, but it may be somehow local to a given instance of Roon.

This time, it was a long-lived library track from a queue. Heart refused to stay illuminated.

@eric , About 9:30 CT I created a queue, playing as I went along, with some TIDAL cuts, some library. Then this set of observations

At 9:48 CT on “Blackbird” by Joey Alexander (TIDAL) part of a 1.5 hr queue, refused to heart, altho inspection proved it did work. Banning would not have been possible.

At 9:53 am ct on next track added to queue (from my library), refused to heart.

10.02: discovered that LAST ITEM QUEUED was now heartable. Other 8 still in queue not heartable.

10:12 I’d been using MBP for queuing. Cranked up iPad, went to same queue that was playing. Here are the differences:
a. MBP showed all hearts off in queue, iPad all hearts on (that had been previously clicked by me)
b. One track, second latest added, shows banned on iPad and won’t toggle; shows unhearted on MBP

10:14 Current track, Dexters Mood (Tenor Giants), stays hearted for much longer (2 sec) than others, then toggles off. Was doing this earlier while in queue. Couldn’t associate this oddity.

10:19 I stopped playing queue; no change in hearting. Confirmed again that historical plays (not played from queue) that can be hearted (i.e. no TIDALs or compositions) are working.

Tentative conclusions:

  • Manipulating hearts of queued tracks are unsuccessful.
  • Hearting previous tracks, played from without the queue, was successful.
  • Hearting subsequent tracks, played from without the queue, was successful.
  • Actually playing the queue, or not, has no effect on hearting.
  • Significant sync issues for queues shown in MBP vs. iPad

Hope this helps.

PS: Since what I would call “history” has been munged with a “queue” some of this description may be a bit murky. Happy to clarify.

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This happens to me every time I use Roon. Very frustrating. If I’m playing a song and try to like it, 90% of the time I get no response from the heart…I wish I could sell my lifetime sub honestly. Roon will not read or allow me to select my tag ratings and Roon’s favorite process does not work consistently :scream: