Can't find Roon core from any of my devices

Core is on a Synology NAS.

Cannot access from any device in house… WIN PC, Cambridge Audio Evo, various iPhone and iPad devices. What has happened?

Not much to go on from your post so …:

Much more available in this forum, just use the search.

Thanks Blackjack and apologies for my brevity. Post COVID lockdown in Sydney Australia, I had two mates round for a few drinks and to show off Roon…suffice to say my demo was less than successful :frowning:
Anyway my setup is on a Synology NAS using the docker solution describer here
I haven’t got around to upgrading to DSM 7.0 yet so that might be an issue.
Apparently LINUX isn’t an issue for Synology NAS.
In the meantime I’ve setup a core on my PC which is working fine and I may forgo all the effort involved in doing it via a NAS.

Then you should probably post your question/issues in that thread as he is full of other users running the same setup - likely they can help you / answer your questions.