Can't log in Qobuz [resolved]

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Although my Qobuz account is active (and I can use it within the Qobuz app), I can’t log into Qobuz within Roon (Services). Tidal works, but not Qobuz. My Qobuz account is active, name and password are definitely correct. When trying to log in from Roon, I get the message “Unexpected Error” within Roon. Please let me know what to do.

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Do you use a username or your email address?
Qobuz has changed it’s login policy and you must use your email address.

I’m using my email-address… (also the username is not working)

Have you tried rebooting your Core?

If you are running Roon on a Windows PC or a Mac, and you have setup Roon such that that is where the Core is also running, then “rebooting” just means quitting and restarting the Roon application - the Roon software for Windows or Mac is an “all-in-one” package containing the Core, the User Interface (“Control”) and the audio output drivers.

If you have your Core running in a Nucleus, or on a NUC using ROCK, then rebooting means rebooting your Nucleus or NUC.

I have Roon on a Grimm MU1. I just rebooted, but the problem remains. I remember a few weeks ago I had the same trouble, but after some days it was working again (I don’t know why). However, it should be reliable which is currently not the case… What more could I do?

What is the Build number of the Roon software on the Grimm?

Go to Settings > About in Roon to view it.

me to

Version 1.8 (Build 1105). Seems to be the current version.

In which case, please edit your opening post to give full details of your setup and your network. This will help the Support team to diagnose the issue further.

@bao_bonny - welcome to the community. If you are having the same issue of not being able to log in to Qobuz, and rebooting your Core has not resolved it, then please open a new Support request in this #support category of the forum, and give full details of your setup and your network. Thank you.

Can I forward the details in a private message (not open to public)? And if yes, just copying from Settings-Info, or elsewhere? Or even better, may you get remote access? Possibly a fonecall may be easier?

Just to be clear, I am not a Roon Labs staff member, but I’m wondering why you feel the need to use a PM for these details?

The Support team will be able to pull logs from your Core remotely, but interpreting the logs is much easier when they have details of your setup.

Roon Labs do not do phone support.

The Grimm team suggests not to share individual/personal data publicly which I understand: there is no need for the public to know the IP of my Roon core etc. However, obviously the Roon team needs this to work on the case, that’s why I’d gladly send this information to them. Do they have an email address or other options to be contacted?

By personal data, they probably mean your email address and/or your physical address. That’s quite right, and we don’t allow email addresses to be posted in this public forum.

There is no issue however about sharing the the IP of your Roon Core in your Home network - it’s your public (external) IP that you should not share - and Roon Labs are not asking for it.

My Roon Core resides at for example, and there are probably thousands of Roon users who have Cores in the same IP address range of 192.168.178.x - it’s very common. But because this is in the home network, it doesn’t matter, we are shielded behind our routers, and no-one can access our home networks from outside.

In any case, your Core logs will contain IP addresses of your Core and Roon devices. What the Support team will be wanting to know is what router you have, and do you have managed or unmanaged switches in your network; do you use a VPN - that sort of detail…

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Roon is trying to get out of offering email support. This forum is the support option.

True, the Config Data is not sensitive, here I copied the infos. As you see, there was just an upgrade available to Version 2.0 which I installed. However, the problem remains that I still can’t sign in to Qobuz. Let me know what to do.


Please supply these details.

BTW, I assume that you can still use Qobuz’s own app? That there’s not a problem with your Qobuz subscription?

Absolutely, I can sign in and listen music within the Qobuz app without problems.

I have a Router from Swisscom (the main internet hosting/providing company in Switzerland), and a firewall from Sonicwall behind. Within the past months I didn’t change any settings, and both Qobuz and Tidal worked fine in Roon. How can I check if I have managed or unmanaged Switches in my network? And do you need further infos in order to help or forward this info to the support team?

Is this product a hardware/software combination or software running on your PC/Mac?

How can I check if I have managed or unmanaged Switches in my network?

Do you have any switches in your home network? If so, please state the make and model of the switch.

The Support team will read this complete thread in the forum - no need to forward it to them.