Can't play anything from Qobuz since 06/15

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Bridge: Windows PC, Sonnet Hermes Roon Streamer

Connected Audio Devices

Roon-ready streamer, USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I haven’t been able to play any song from Qobuz since 06/15 on Roon. The music would look to be loading but it never started. Radio works fine, music can be played directly from Qobuz app.

This could be your problem as well?

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Qobuz is working fine for me…my Roon server is running on a M1 Mac mini…

Yes seems so, unfortunately nothing has been done/communicated since yesterday from Roon

That does appear to be the case.
It’s also very sporadic in its effect, many have not been impacted at all…like myself.
Very tricky to nail down I would think.

Hi @Yuyang_Lai,

I wanted to check in to see if you’re still experiencing this issue after a few days. On initial review of diagnostics from your Core, it appears that Qobuz was buffering successfully, but there was a connection dropout to a USB audio driver right around the time you started playback.

If you’re continuing to experience the problem, please clarify a bit more about the devices in your network and setup, including:

  • How is your Core connected to the internet (ethernet vs. WiFi)?
  • Do you experience this issue on any Remotes?
  • What about when you try to play Qobuz to other endpoints, like the computer speakers (System Output) or another DAC?

You could also try to create another instance of RAAT Server as an immediate troubleshooting step. Please be aware that this will reset your Roon Settings → Audio Tab to factory settings and I would advise making a backup of any custom DSP settings you have:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RAATServer”
  • Rename the “RAATServer” folder to “RAATServer_old”
  • Restart the Roon App to generate a new RAATServer folder
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Have you seen this thread?

Hi, things has been better for the last few days. I have a dedicated core and a few bridges and only 2 are using USB connection. The other one I tested was using IIS and none of them works back then, just for your information.

Hmm that’s interesting. I do think I always use email address for login. And I can see all the albums in the library.

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Hi @Yuyang_Lai,

Thank you for the update and I’m glad it’s stable at the moment. I will set this topic thread to remain open for a few days; if it’s closed and the issue returns, please start a new topic thread and we’ll be standing by to troubleshoot.


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