Can't play Tidal or anything to PC

Windows 10, Intel i7 @4.00 GHz, 16 Gb RAM Roon 1.7 build 537

I have a Technicolor router model TG589vn V3 The PC has a direct connection to the router, but the Naim Uniti Atom is connected via WiFi

**The audio system is a Bose USB audio **

Hi, I’ve just downloaded Roon for trial today and I’m having all sorts of problems.

The good news, I can play my own music and Tidal controlled by my iPad Pro to my Naim Unity Atom.

I can’t play anything at all on my Bose USB audio connected to the core PC. I can play directly from native iTunes or Tidal, but from within Roon it just skips down a playlist, showing each track for a fraction of a second, plays nothing and keeps going down the list

The Audio settings within Roon show, for the PC, System Output, Bose Audio, NVIDIA, Realtek and Oculus Virtual Audio Device

The only one of these that works (NVIDIA) plays the chosen track through the speaker built into the monitor

The Roon Ready section shows my Naim streamer and a MAC address

Under Other Network Devices I have my Naim (via Chromecast), Naim (via Airplay) and Naim via Airplay again.

Finally, the other problem I have is duplicate files. I allowed Roon to search all folders containing music on the PC. These included folders created as backups of original music files. The result is that when I come to play my own music files Roon plays the same track several times over, representing the multiple copies I had on PC. I thought that Roon was able to ignore duplicates. If so, how can I do this?

You’ll guess from the above that I’m somewhat confused by all this. I hope you can help me out, as the product itself looks really good.

Hi @David_Kirby,
Welcome to the Roon Community!
I’m a user like you, so please let me help with the fairly easy problem here, duplicates. Can you post a screenshot of Settings>Storage? A common problem is multiple paths to the same music. It sounds like you’ve done that on purpose. Roon will literally interpret this as you want each album in each place shown.
The best solution is to remove the multiple paths in Storage. That will make the Roon database cleaner.
You might also check Settings>General>Show Hidden Tracks and Albums and make sure that is set to “No”.

When Roon Support gets to you they will have a more systematic way of trouble shooting your dropout problems. But you can try this:
Technicolor routers are known to cause some issues:
The following post discusses disabling the IPV6 firewall in that router. There may also be some multicast settings that have to be changed, but I don’t have any insight on how to modify them.

Thanks for that. I did indeed put all possible links to music into Roon, thinking it would resolve duplicates for me. I will remove those paths. I did have the settings re Hidden Tracks set to “No” Thanks again for your help.

Thanks again. I don’t have a problem playing to my Naim endpoint, which is attached to the Technicolor via wifi, I only have a problem playing from my computer which is attached to the router via cable, so I’m not sure that is the problem. I’m now beginning to think that I’m going to have to recreate my iTunes database from iTunes Match, as many of my music files are missing.

Have you seen this?

Hi @David_Kirby,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this zone? I’d also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the Bose.

Can you share a screenshot of how this looks in Roon? Can you also share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?


Many thanks. My Bose is also Companion 5, and your answer fixed my problem. Many thanks, and apologies if I should have picked up the answer myself, I’m not very clued up about these forums.

Thanks. The screenshot for storage is above. Here is the screenshot for how the duplicates look in Roon

Glad it worked! That’s what we are here for.

Hi @David_Kirby,

If you reboot your Core machine is there any change?

If not, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

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