Changes to BBC Radio station streaming

The BBC is changing the way in which its Radio stations are streamed.

They are planning to cease to stream using MP3 and the Shoutcast format in favour of the HLS & DASH formats, during mid-2023, see here Why can I no longer listen to BBC live Radio (Shoutcast)? | BBC Sounds for their announcement earlier this year.

Presently on the Shoutcast streams, there are ‘on-air’ announcements of this closure, which has resulted in some confusion for Roon users that their BBC Radio coverage will cease. This is totally not the case, as for all of the BBC Radio stations offered in the Roon ‘Live Radio’ catalogue, the HLS format version is included.

To get out in front of this change, and prevent any further confusion or potentially even some users suffering interruption to their service, the MP3 stream setting is to be removed from all Roon entries for the BBC Radio station. This will force all Roon users to use the HLS version, as their default streaming option, going forward. This is whether it is the UK version, at a higher rate or the non-UK rate, at a lower rate.

Please note this will not incur any change to be made by a Roon user when consuming a BBC Radio station, under “Live Radio”, just the the HLS version will be default and the previous MP3 version will no-longer be available.

The reasons behind this forced change are that this will ensure continued service for Roon users despite the streaming format change and to minimise the influx of questions, support tickets and concerns raised as the change-over date approaches given the confusion the ‘on-air’ announcement creates.

There is also a benefit for all, in that the HLS format stream offers a better SQ, particularly for those Roon users in the UK who can avail of the higher format stream.

Simon, on behind of the Radio Curators


I pay my licence fee and this simply isn’t good enough!
Mr. Angry, Radio 4 listener, Home Counties.


I thought that was Mrs Trellis complaining :joy:


I have unlisted all the BBC mp3 shoutcast streams.

There should be no problems with people’s streaming of these stations, but if there is, please let the curators know.


Could you tell me what HLS is and how I can set it up please. When I look for any BBC streams on Roon I can only see AAC streams which my QNAP NAS will not play.


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The HLS stream presents as AAC

See for details on how a QNAP based Roon Core will need to process this format

And here

If you wish to continue to consume BBC Radio streams then you need to either resolve this on the QNAP platform for the Roon Core, or alternatively move the Roon Core to an alternative hardware platform.

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Hi Simon. Do we know if this is still a live issue in Firmware version QTS
(See: BBC Radio (4, 3, 2 and 5 Live) "Playback was interrupted or track failed to load" error (2022-12))

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I am not a QNAP platform user, so I can’t comment on the issues reported here.

With Roon Core running on an Intel NUC running ROCK, the HLS based streams play fine for BBC Stations.

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Hello @John_Levell , did the failure to start problem (not the interruption one) begin when we removed the mp3 streams? If so, have you checked for the ffmpeg issue referred to above by Simon?

Thanks Brian. I’m currently investigating that. Will try it and report back. The version notes are pretty clear though, so I am hopeful:

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RESOLVED. Many thanks all. Manual install of ffmpeg as described in:


Good to hear - enjoy

I am having difficulty with the BBC 3 service. It pays fine on my web browser. In the string above, I thought there was a way to get this to work. The URL I am using is:

Can I integrate BBC3 into Roon, is there a different URL I should use?

BBC 3 is already in the Roon database. Have you tried searching for BBC Radio 3 using the magnifying glass, top right?

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Thanks very much. I had searched previously without a result. This time I included your exact text and things are fine now. I appreciate the help.

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I’m late to the party but this ISIHAC fan got that one loud and clear!

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I live in Austria and lost access on my Logitech Squeezebox internet radio (Shoutcast) to BBC streaming. I found it very difficult to find clear information on possible replacement radios in 2023 that definitely support mpeg-DASH streaming protocols as suggested by the BBC.

In case it’s of help to others, I found out from the helpful companies concerned that the Pure Evoke Table, Pure Evoke Spot and current Sonoro radios support the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) - so will stream BBC well into the future. (No doubt there will also be other internet radios that use mpeg-DASH but good luck in getting confirmation)! For the thousands of users who stream BBC it would be helpful to have clear advice available on the internet and publications for people seeking to buy a new internet radio.


BBC have disabled access to my BBC 6 Music streams on squeezebox and MPD/Moode I can’t find the station at all on Roon

( It never worked on the Apple HomePod)

TBH it’s one of the key reasons I’m investigating Roon - Radio & (BYOM) streaming

The HLS stream for those in the UK is

HLS Worldwide is

There is also a MPEG-DASH format
UK is
Worldwide is

Hope this helps.

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