Compilation Artist not shown in the Artists

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I am using a Rock on NUC7I7DNHE

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My music is on a Sinology NAS

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Description Of Issue

The compilation Artists are not visible in “Artists”, this is frustrating me.
I had set the album artist “Various Artist”.
How should I handle the compilation albums to see the artist as a normal one?


Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here for one example of this?

When I go to the Artist part of the library I can’t see the artists from the compilation albums (various artist), I can see only the artists form one artist album.

Probably a (very) long shot, but in my experience the artist name for compilation albums is ‘Various Artists’ with an ‘s’ at the end.
Maybe give 1 album a try and change the artist name for 1 album with a Tag editor.
It will certainly not do any wrong.
My 2 cents

Thanks for the quick answer, it was a misspell in my post, the artist name in compilation is Various Artists.

The short answer is: Yes, that is how Roon works. The Artists browser is for (real) primary album artists only. Various Artists is not a real artist and track artists from compilations aren’t the primary album artist. If you want to see all Various Artists albums, go to the album browser and filter for Various Artists. If your interested in track artist performances, you have to use the search.

See also the existing feature requests:

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