Complete performance not shown as complete [Answered]

I have a performance of Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto with Mitsuko Uchida and Simon Rattle in my library from Qobuz. It is a complete performance, all three movements. Yet it does not show up under the list for that composition in my library unless I turn the “Only Complete Recordings” switch off.

Please can you tell me if this is a bug in Roon, or is it to do with metadata? If it is to do with metadata is there anything I can do to fix it? Or is there some other reason? I have had this issue with other compositions.

With “Only Complete Recordings” on, it isn’t there:

Flip the “Only Complete Recordings” switch to off and it shows up:

It is a complete recording, see …

This issue has been reported many times before by myself and others as well. I hope Roon team will find a solution in the near future but, as usual, no time frame in view.

Hi @Jez

Mike from our team has posted about this in more detail here:

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Thanks for your reply @dylan. While it may explain the problem I experienced, it most definitely isn’t a solution from my point of view, as the problem will persist until you do something about it, so I think it was incorrect to mark it as solved. A solution would be to either be able to correct the incorrect metadata, or override it locally.

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