Composition Editor - Include Instrumentation Field

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or a missing feature, but the Composition Editor does not allow editing of the Instrumentation field.

The editor does allow edits to be done on the other fields in the Composition browser (Composer, Date, Period and Form), but not Instrumentation. Is there some reason for this? It would be useful to have…



in addition, it would be helpful to be able to map it to files tags as with work and part… Based on what is available as metadata at the moment, mass-filling these fields is a pain in Roon…

Indeed! :slight_smile:

What confused me: according to the metadata model certain fields are not available for external tagging but the composition editor gives the option to prefer file data, for example:

So I do wonder how I could provide the data by file? :thinking:

I think these should be re-labelled as “local data” - because these are edits made locally to the Roon database. As you say, they don’t appear to be mapped to external file metadata fields.

I agree it’s confusing.

Geoff, as you have know, Roon does not tend to answer such questions based upon their position that it does more harm than good to “lift up the hood” and expose users to the details and logic of the metadata model. This is by no means an endorsement of that policy.

I keep thinking that a tightly written page sans marketing fluff that outlines the “metalogic” of tags and such would be beneficial even if it required constant updates (which is one stated reason why they avoid such disclosure).

Anyway, I agree also that it’s confusing. The black box approach doesn’t work for me.

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I don’t see why enabling “Prefer File Data” for these fields breaks anything in roon. It’s just finishing off the beta that was started. Might be an opportunity to add a few more like “style” and “mood”. The real challenge it seems to me is going beyond using these fields as more fine grained search filters to using them to make more interesting associations in radio and discovery.

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Still unclear to me how to change the ‘Instrumentation’ field… Would be so nice.

You can’t. There’s no option for this available yet. :frowning:

And since currently the instrumentation values seem to get generated by Roon (in the “cloud” I suppose) from indications in the work title (and are therefore at times missing or incomplete) it’s not possible to take the alternative route via metadata provider updates; allmusic doesn’t seem to provide dedicated instrumentation data on a work level – and neither does musicbrainz.

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As I’ve written on numeral occasions (one of them here), the current situation with the Instrumentation is ludicrous at best. Not reliable or helpful at all.
So there should at the very least be a way to edit this Instrumentation field AND the AI that’s currently used should be made much smarter. It should ignore the part of the Composition title that’s between brackets to begin with. That would already make a huge difference.
Editing an Instrumentation field should only be done as a last resort, as I’m not looking forward to checking and editing all 37366 compositions in my collection…

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And it should also ignore a compositions title for sure. Hint: “Blowin’ in the Wind” isn’t a composition for “Solo Wind”. So not much left to look at, sorry. It’s just bugged in it’s current state.

whoops, yet another request on the same topic :sunglasses: Yes, despatately needed !!

Just see this topic has been opened 2 years ago - nothing happened ever since.

They added the buggy AI approach of guessing the instrumentation from a track’s title.
So while the initial post was most-likely geared toward a possibility to add a missing instrumentation, it now has become a request to correct or delete the wrong instrumentation that Roon creates from parsing track titles.

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yep, a huge mess. See here;

Well, that’s Pop music… I’m not sure I’m interested in the instrumentation of pop music. When would I ever search for a Composition scored for “1 voice, 2 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar and one drum set”? If that’s even possible…
(oh and by the way I do like pop music!)
Looking for all compositions for string quartet is far more likely to be happening.
As a matter of fact I just tried that out but failed miserably because of yet another bug…:
Although it’s possible to filter on “Mixed Quartet”,

it isn’t possible to filter on “String Quartet”:

“String” works…

and “Quartet” works…

but never the twain should meet???
“Keyboard Quartet” is also a no go

Man, this really needs some extensive reworking!

And that qualifies for adding false instrumentation to compositions? Well I’m not much interested in classical then. This leads us to nowhere. I think users want metadata they can trust (mostly).

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I certainly agree with that!

No, of course, it doesn’t.
I just have been busy mostly with my classical collection since I started out using Roon (about half a year ago) and not so much with my pop collection, which addmittedly is much smaller, but also dear to me.
I shall look into the matter of instrumentation with regard to pop compositions shortly…
(A few minutes later)

Ah, now I see what you mean. But am I correct in assuming that if no instrument is named in the title of a pop song, no instrumentation is shown at all?
Looking at Billy Joels compositions it does seem to be that way (sorted on “Instrumentation”):

Perhaps an easy solution would be to not show the Instrumentation for any composition that’s not classical? (or Jazz?)

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