Instrumentation erroneously "calculated" from names of instruments in composition title

Let me give a few examples of instances where the instrumentation pertaining to a composition is wrong

This composition is for violin and piano, and although the original composition that this arrangement is based on is written for solo piano, this second piano in the composition title should not be interpreted as participating in the instrumentation.

Another example (that’s very frequent!):

There’s hundreds of compositions from the (pre-)classical era when keyboard compositions could be played on both harpsichord and fortepiano, but not on those two instruments at the same time. It was a period of transition, so these composition titles are correct, but the instrumentation should be named “keyboard solo” or “solo keyboard”.

I have played around with altering the composition title a bit and found out that Roon apparently “calculates” the Instrumentation metadata by adding up any and all intruments named in that title. Now in simple cases such as “Sonata for violin and piano” the algorithm works, but as soon as parentheses come into play, things go seriously wrong, thereby making the whole Instrumentation tag totally unreliable.

If Roon sticks to calculating the Instrumentation metadata itself because Instrumentation information is not supplied by TiVo, then the underlying algorithm should be made smarter. To start with, anything between brackets should be ignored.

Found another one just now:

There’s nothing ‘solo’ about two pianists sharing the keyboard, is there?
(Unless of course, some very special artist has grown an extra pair of hands…)


That algo has some sense of humour, though. One of my favourites is “Blowin’ in the Wind” - which is, according to it, for Solo Wind. :joy:


I had opened another feature request and was pointed by @dylan to add to this one. Which I‘ll happily do.

It is just a bit unheard of to put a field in a database that a user has no means of editing and that is just filled by Algo or AI or Aliens… This is definitely something in need of urgent fixing.

Example: „Solo keyboard“ means nothing in classical music. There is dedicated Organ music that should be tagged „Organ“ there is dedicated Piano music that should be tagged „Piano“. Then there some stuff in early baroque etc. where the clear instrumentation is not given - there „Keboard“ may make some sense.

@Hans_Valeton I could add some iems to that Algo-Joke. There are very few things that algorythm gets right. „Symphony“ may be one.

This field needs to be editable at composition level the same way as Period and Form.