Could not login to TIDAL after build 528 update [Resolved]

Wow – after past Roon software updates always working so smoothly, this one was a real surprise (and not in a good way)… My macOS (remote) app and Nucleus both updated “successfully”, but then the TIDAL login error message appeared. Not having seen this post yet, I figured “reboot and try again”. Unfortunately, my Nucleus (Rev.B), located in another room, never came back online – not accessible via web browser or Roon remote app, after the web-based reboot attempt…

I found it still powered on, but could not power it off via the normal pushbutton method either. Power-cycling the Nucleus finally brought it back to life, and subsequently opening the macOS remote app allowed me to connect once again.

I still had to do the TIDAL login-via-web-browser routine as mentioned above (and put up with TIDAL’s annoying CAPTCHA nonsense), but now it at least seems that all is back to normal in my local Rooniverse.

Not sure if there’s any way to avoid these type of problems when third parties such as TIDAL are so tightly integrated into the mix, but better communications about potential problems would always be appreciated.

All that said, thanks to the Roon team for the update and any performance / reliability improvements that may accompany it.

Hi @SBI,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you had logging in after the update! We recently changed the way that TIDAL login works, and we mentioned this in our release notes:

In either case, this should have been a one-time login request, if you have any further difficulties, please do reach out and let us know. Thanks!

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