Crashing skipping not playing 1.8

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

1.8 (756)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Cable modem Google mesh

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Hiby R6 (new), Micro Rendu, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Mytek Manhattan

Description Of issue
Constant skipping to next track then nothing playing. Happens on Tidal Qobuz and local files. iPhone app crashes constantly. Restated Roon Core on Sonic Transporter. Reset router and phone. NO issues with 1.7 ever!!!

I’m experiencing this too. Any solutions yet?

I have found this 1.8 Roon needs way more Wi-Fi bandwidth than 1.7. If I am next to primary Wi-Fi point it seems stable. Move away to another spot in my home where 1.7 worked perfectly 1.8 does not. That IS NOT AN UPGRADE!

Hi @Robin_Wyatt1 ,

Are you still experiencing issues after moving your WiFi closer? It sounds like you might have some WiFi interference in your setup, generally speaking we suggest using Ethernet whenever possible. This and other suggestions can be found in our Networking Best Practices Guide, hope this helps!

If 1.7 worked fine but 1.8 does not why is it my network? Doesn’t really make sense does it?

Nothing be it internet radio Tidal Qobuz or local files will play with out skipping or moving to next track and then doing it again. No matter if it’s my HiBy R6 Mytek Manhattan II or Micro Rendu!! What did you do Roon???

If you would like assistance to sort out the problem please post to #support and provide the information set out in the following post. Roon 1.8 works perfectly for the vast majority of users so something has clearly gone awry for you.

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Did you try restarting your router? It sounds like it could be a network issue.I would restart everything in your playback chain. You would be surprised how often it helps.

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I had the same issue – fixed by restarting my core.


Same here. Quick restart and all was fine.


I restarted Roon core and router still the same. Constant skipping to next track cannot play anything through.

I think then it would be helpful if you use the link posted above as a guide to describe your set-up - core, network, etc.

Track skipping is usually related to your network. While you’re waiting for Support to arrive, this usually throws out some helpful suggestions:

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Hi @Robin_Wyatt1 ,

Are you still having issues at the present time?
Can you please confirm if other zones like “System Output” work as expected?
Does local library content play as expected?

Any other mesh points accept for the main hub cause skipping be it Tidal or local files. I can stream video but not use Roon so bandwidth is not an issue. Roon 1.7 worked flawlessly any where.
Can I revert to 1.7 until you address this?

Local plays better but stil intermittently it appears Roon 1.8 requires a ridiculous amount of network bandwidth to work. I want 1.7 back or a fix for 1.8’s super heavy demand.

Latest patch seems to have fixed the issues playing right now. Time will tell

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Hello @Robin_Wyatt1 ,

Thank you for letting us know the latest release helped here, this is wonderful news. If you run into other issues, please just let us know!

thanks so far so good

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