Criticisms allowed?

Dear Danny Dulai,
it seems that posts critical of your pricing policy are immediately deleted here. None of these posts violated any forum rules. Is it forbidden in this forum to be critical of your pricing policy? So it is not surprising that a price increase of 25% is almost welcomed in the forum posts. Is this your corporate culture?

They will not be deleted, just moved to a thread in the feedback forum. But it has the same effect, since the thread no longer appears under “Latest posts” and thus slowly disappears into the depths of the forum.

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Some move, some disappear

I call shenanigans on your entire premise. Here is my counter-evidence to your claim:

A complaint about a lack of partial refund policy:

A comment asking for payment plans:

A comment criticizing about the lack of a well defined SLA for B2C products like Roon:

A few comments were complaining about how crappy Roon is and how horrible it was that we raised our prices during a time when bread and gas were up in price etc etc. I see some self-deleted posts. Here is one user that decided to comment about that deletion:

One user signed up w/ a username of “pricedout”, wrote a very angry comment about how buggy Roon is, how we are so greedy in these bad economic times, and how the price increase was ridiculous. They deleted their post, and I see that they are now a lifetimer.

A comment criticizing us for not having streaming content for this new price:

A comment criticizing the pricing decisions that led to uneven % changes between the different subscription plans:

A comment criticizing us for writing poorly worded and confusing emails announcing the pricing change:

I see some comments that are flagged by other users because they were abusive, using bad language, or off-topic. One such comment (unsure if you can see it) clearly stated that Roon Radio “sucks”:

A post complaining that Roon 2.0 requires internet access, but it was left because they tried hard to keep on-topic:

A comment criticizing Roon management for not taking into consideration currency exchange rates:

I’ll stop now, as I’m only 50% down from the top of this thread.


So much drama over a few bucks! While saying “a 25% increase” sounds like a lot, the actual numbers are small.

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Customer for four years. First post found disagreeable and deleted. The opposite of freedom of speech.

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Is this your way of being respectful?

I agree, at first I was a little upset but after giving it more thought and learning that Roon has never increased the annual price EVER I’m actively considering whether lifetime is the right decision for me as I can’t find another platform nearly as comprehensive as Roon. As @danny said earlier adjusting for inflation $119 in 2015 has the same purchasing power as $149 in 2022.

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Did I say something unrespectful? I am calling you out for making a markedly false statement and providing evidence for my position.

The term “calling shenanigans” is tantamount to “crying foul”, which is precisely what I believe you did.


Also, I’ll just add that this forum isn’t moderated by corporate employees, but by volunteer moderators, and in this case (eg, “flagged by the community”) users above a certain trust level who have posted a lot etc. So to the extent some of these comments were moved or hidden, it was by people who honestly thought they were doing the right thing. And some of those things were undone.

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Incredibly, Mr. Dulai’s response has disappeared. My question about his politeness as well. His replica as well.

calm down… no one is deleting your posts, they are just being moved around.

first, there is no free speech here.

second, you can complain all you want, i just wont give you a soapbox to stand on.


On an annual basis
$30 more per year
8¢ a day

Am I wrong?

This wasn’t meant as criticism. More supporting Roon by giving some form of rational basis to the increase.

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Are they always this condescending? Critical faculties don’t seem to be your strong point. In Germany, we have the saying 'pride comes before a fall.
I wish you all the best

Not here!
But I am purified:
ROON is great…
ROON is unique…
I am proud to be able to use ROON…
ROON is too cheap…
I have moved other thoughts from my brain to other regions of my body…
They are there, but I will not find them again…
The ROON forum wants it that way…

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@Katharina_Kraft, May I ask you what your relation to @Peter_Hatzelmann is?

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I think you might find that the saying originates in the Book of Proverbs, chapter 16, verse 18.

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I don’t care about the 25% increase, I can definitely afford that. Even if my electricity price has risen by 110% and my gas price by 205%. I am concerned about the way roon communicates. Ultimately, Danny behavior today in the forum has tipped the scales for me that I no longer want to extend my annual subscription. Unfortunately my renewal was 14 days ago.

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Can I ask you why a COO would arbitrarily move posts? For me, this is a question of decency. I don’t think you are really interested in communicating with your customers. Especially if you express an opinion that you don’t like. And disrespectfulness like ’ i just wont give you a soapbox to stand on’ show your attitude. I think that further discussion at this level makes no sense.