Daily problems with starting Roon

Hi there,

Not all albums are displayed at the daily start. I use roon along with a Cocktail Audio X45 on Windows 10 64bit with the actual Roon Version 1.5 (build 363) - German language. When I first filled my database on the hard disk of the CA X45, I have imported 1758 albums. Then again and again new data packages I’ve added, so that currently about 3000 albums are on the hard disk. Now my problem: With the daily start of Roon about 80% of the starts there are only displayed the first imported 1758 albums and the rest up to the actual 3000 albums must be restarted. Then Roon also uploads the remaining albums, which at the moments lasts well over 1 hour. Very seldom (by maximum of 20 % of the daily starts) all existing albums are displayed directly. This is very ineffective and time consuming and can not be right. Since there is the possibility to close Roon on two commands (“Close Roon” and “Close Windows”), I have tried both, but also here usually the very first data package with 1758 albums is loaded. My entire music collection currently consists of about 20,000 albums in flac/mp3 format and about 10,000 physical CDs that I still want to digitize. If only the first 1758 albums are loaded by the daily start, the reload of the remaining albums will soon take a lot of hours then.

By the way, I find roon fantastic generally. I’ve been using Roon for about three weeks now and I have never seen a better database management for my music and I’m really excited. Only the problem described disturbs the pleasure of managing my music via Roon currently.

I hope you can call me a solution for my problem, so that at the start of Roon every day all the albums are displayed immediately and then also runs stable.

Looking forward for your answer and thanks in advance.

Greetings form Neuss/Germany

You might like to start with some details of the specs of your CORE machine and also some network details with what is stored where too.

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Hi @Thedo_Roes,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating. Please also include information about where your media is stored.

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage for us?

Hi Dylan,
I’m sorry that I will not contact you until now, but due to a prolonged illness since November, I can only deal with my described problem in Roon again. As you asked me to describe my network configuration in use, I will do it now in some screenshots. My music database on the Coctail Audio X45 is a Barracuda SeaGate 2,5" HDD with 5TB. In the data base contains 4429 albums with 46.362 tracks by now. My CA X45 is wireless connected with the CA X45 WiFi USB-Dongle to my PC. The PC is conneceted in my network by LAN cable. The problem with the use of Roon are unchanged as described in my first email. Another not good effect I forgot last time is that sometimes, when the full collection of albums are displayed I select an album and then the message will be show: “This album was deleted”. When I than go back to the collection the albums count back from 4429 to 1758 (my first imported data package.
I hope you can help me to solve the problem.
Thanks a lot.
Regards, Thedo

MusicDB%20(drive%20display%20in%20my%20home%20network) Windows%20Specification Windows%20PC%20configuration

6 This%20album%20was%20deleted

Hello @Thedo_Roes,

I noticed that you have a PC linked to your media location. I would try connecting your media location directly to your Core instead of the streamer and see if that helps since you are using the network and the transfer speed limitations of the DAC to load the files at the present time, connecting it directly to the Core should alleviate some of this bottleneck.


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