Daily sign in for iOS Roon remote is required

My Roon remotes on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) daily prompt for re-signing in to Roon. Singing in takes approx. 1 min. I am experiencing this issue since rel. 1.5.
Roon Remotes on MacOS doesn’t show this issue.

What do you mean by “prompt for re-signing in to Roon”? You only sign-in on Roon Core, so do you mean you are prompted to select the Core?

Roon Core is signed in. It is required to sign in the iOS Roon Remotes. The iOS Roon Remotes are prompting for the Roon Account.

I assume your explanation for the issue is, that the Roon Core - installed on a Synology NAS - is not signed in.
But this doesn’t explain why Roon Remote on MacOS work properly.

This is incorrect, unless you haven’t previously signed into core. Typically, there are two steps when first installing an iOS controller: Agree to T&Cs and select the core.

However, if Roon core is not signed in, you will see the following screen on an iOS device.

Once signed in, you should not need to do so again unless you are switching core.

So, can you confirm the IP addresses of your Mac and Synology and then post the results from Settings > General? For example,

Finally, please describe your setup as set out in the following post:

Many thx for your immediate response.
To identify the root cause of the issue, I will do the following:

If the SIgnIn on the iOS device is promoted again, I will validate if MacOS is doing that either.

If the answer is Yes: We can be sure, that the core is not signed in. But the question is: Why? And the issue came with rel.1.5. The only case you have mentioned that describes this behavior is if I am switching cores - this is not possible cause I only have one.
If the answer is No: There must be something wrong with the iOS Roon Remote Client.

I have no idea what you will try to solve by posting the IP adresses of the iMAC and the Synology NAS. They are in the same Subnet and typically connection between theses devices - regardless of the IP ports - is given.

Keep you updated unless I/we have solved the issue.

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I’d like to rule out that you haven’t setup Roon Server on your Mac too.

For the Mac go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP and you will see the IPv4 Address. For example

For the Synology, use http://find.synology.com to locate your NAS and find out its IP address.

I am aware of the IPv4 addresses provided by the DHCP server in my home network.
And there is no other Roon Server in my home network than the NAS. Please take a look at the attached screenshot.

I will proceed following the fault diagnosis process I have described above.
In the meantime I don’t need any further instructions.

many thx

Update to Stable Release 1.5 (Build 363) and rebooting Synology solved the problem.
Many thx for your support.

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