Day 10 Music Challenge! (With BONUS)

OK Music Lovers! One third of the way there! Today we have a bonus serving for your musical palate.

But first, the main course. This band, much like The Beatles or similar artists, get’s a lot of attention on a few albums (DSOTM, The Wall). Have a listen to this 1971 release instead:


And of course, once you’ve heard it, vote!

  • Sublime (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Still cringing (1 star)

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Once you’ve completed the main course, we have the bonus round! Here for your listening pleasure (or not!):


Voting for this one here:

  • It’s Heaven (5 stars)
  • Meh… (3 stars)
  • Sad ol’ Red indeed (1 star)

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Finally, there’s still time to vote on yesterdays music challenge here: Day 9

Simply Red are banished to my wife’s playlist only. Apart from not liking the music they were massively overexposed on the TV in the UK.
Weirdly meddle remained an expensive the UK for years, you could buy both DSOTM and WYWH for the price of meddle.

Ha. My wife and I were both sitting here as you posted. Ironically, I’d be more likely to play Simply Red than she would be. I actually hadn’t heard this album since the '80s and recently listened to it again. I was personally impressed by how well it aged.

If overplayed, I imagine that it would get a little more difficult.


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Very true and it still feels uncool to listen this album, but hey … there’s always a first time.

“we” have the vinyl, cd…

Actually, “we” have the CD too. It’s a shame I’ve no CD player! Another benefit of Roon. :grin:

Okay, reverse order listening with Mrs. W. Somehow I was expecting more from Simply Red … not sure where the 4.5 star AllMusic review came from, but I found it pleasant. Maybe it was a breath of fresh air 35 years ago (yes!) but today it’s a little staid. 3.5 stars.

Double header!

I sure do miss baseball :cry:

Down to the main event. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another recording I’ve not heard before. Just me and the Poly-Mojo this time. The opening track took me by surprise. I was not expecting that! Lovely recording and build up as the track progresses. Passing San Tropez which doesn’t belong on the album, I thoroughly enjoyed [smiled through] the bluesy Seamus. Anyway, fan-tas-tic!

My picks: One of These Days, Fearless and Echoes.

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Here in the USA we simply ignored Simply Red. Doesn’t seem like we missed all that much. Sounds like Phil Collins lite.

Big out here (Aus)…figure like in the UK overplayed. They had some huge hits. I can certainly do without them. I wasn’t a fan & I’m not likely to be converted these years later!


Sorry - got a bit behind in listening to stuff so didn’t vote on this one. Will have a listen now though :slight_smile:

Quick edit - I listened to the Floyd and liked that a lot - another I will revisit…

@RHG If you want to add my vote for this one. The Floyd gets 5*. Haven’t really listen to much of there stuff before - Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall really is about it but like their music.

Simply Red are just a band I’ve never bothered with. Just not my thing. That said I enjoyed a good few tracks on this album and will certainly revisit it on the ‘good’ system. I’ll give it 3*