DietPi/Allo units not getting the RoonBridge B167 update from B164

Both my DietPi RPI and Sparky (Allo) units are failing to get updated by Roon. All my Ropieee RPi’s updated no issue

@support @Dan_Knight

This is not new news. So far I have not seen any word or info from @Dan_Knight or Roon about this. Lots of people reporting this in a separate thread.

I have actually caught it in 3 states just now as pictured below after rebooting the units which might be more than has been noted elsewhere - the states follow this sequence below and remain in the last state





I’am unsure how the remote update works with Roon. However, the Roon service runs under root privileges with no limitations our end.

If the available downloads on Roon website are the latest versions, you could simply reinstall the software on the DietPi system, to update it from the Roon website.

For Roon Bridge:

dietpi-software reinstall 121

Roon Server:

dietpi-software reinstall 154

Thanks Dan that seems to have done the trick… not sure what was broken in doing this reinstall fix, but at least this issue has its own thread…

now @support can we also have an ALLO Audio products thread as I had requested some time back - they seem to be doing enough Roon endpoint efforts to justify their own area :slight_smile:

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One of my units finished with this… a reboot and it seems to be OK for bridge duty…will have to see if the netdata screens are operative



Mode: Installation completed

[ SUB1 ] DietPi-Services > start

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : avahi-daemon

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : nmbd

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : smbd

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : mysql

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : php7.0-fpm

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : lighttpd

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : mpd

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : shairport-sync

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : squeezelite

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : gmrender

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : networkaudiod

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : roonbridge

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : netdata

[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : cron

[ SUB2 ] DietPi-Process_tool > Apply

[FAILED] DietPi-Process_tool | NetData (6042) : Nice 0

[FAILED] DietPi-Process_tool | NetData (6042) : Scheduler SCHED_OTHER 0

[FAILED] DietPi-Process_tool | An issue has occurred

**root@USBridge** : **~** #

Dan this is great info. But something has changed. This used to be automatic. Now it requires command line intervention. All of my ropieee units updated with no issues.

Everytime I get dan onto something a new interesting command pop out of the coffers :stuck_out_tongue: he’s one talented cat :+1:

Agree with @John_Aiello - in the past to date this has for as long as I can remember been a seamless update.


[FAILED] DietPi-Process_tool | NetData (6042) : Nice 0

This is an visual issue where NetData (and other programs) which launch multiple threads, exist when we check for the process, but terminate/finish before we can apply them.

Its a non-issue (visual only) and the error can be ignored.

Found the issue, apologies this actually runs under underpriv user (roon) with v6.17. We’ll revert to root for v6.18 patch, allowing remote updates to function.


Awesome. By the way the command line worked for me as well. I was able to update to 167.


Thanks @Dan_Knight as always you have a solution quick smart.

I had the same problem but the fix from @Dan_Knight solved the issue.

I also had the issue but my DietPi was on version 6.12 (or possibly 6.14) and the autoupdate of Roonbridge didnt work.
Had to do:

dietpi-software reinstall 121

After this i updated DietPi to 6.17.12

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Thanks very much for letting me know. I’ll delete my rant… :slight_smile:

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