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Hi @Day_Radebaugh

Do you have any backups from before February 9th? If so, can you try restoring the backup?

No, I don’t.

@Day_Radebaugh that’s a fair point you made before our threads were split. “A product without support is not a product at all.” In may case, there was some user error on my part and there could be improved UI/UX/usability on Roon’s part so I didn’t make the “error.”

I’m familiar with a lot of crappy software that leaves me banging my head all the time including horrible support with systems and processes that make you give up. You literally will have to spend significant time to find and connect with a human, but it will be for no purpose other than to send you to a boil.

For the most part, I’ve had more delight via Roon although the frustration at times has been great too. Part of the reason I chose to go all in on Roon is because I believed the active community here will push Roon to be better than anything else out there (and at a reasonable cost) to create a music experience I have yet to fully realize. That’s why I’m excited and hope you continue to push them, as well as have a great experience with music you love.

I’m sorry it looks like you lost your playlist. It sucks to lose music and hopefully you have some recollection of it or perhaps you have it somewhere else too. The moral of the story here is that auto-backups are key with Roon at this stage in their development.

Good comments. I really don’t accept their business model which depends extensively on user involvement in the troubleshooting process. I paid my dues, and expected to receive a product that works, or at least enough support to remediate the problem.

These guys quite simply ignore you, and leave it up to the user community. If you have found alternatives to Roon, I’d very much like to hear about them. I’ve referred this matter to the Better Business Bureau as an alternative to just suing them.

On the positive side, their recent release was an enhancement to the part of the experience which involves searching for new and interesting pieces of music which may be related to your tastes and preferences. In that respect they do a good job. However, if the software is buggy and these problems aren’t addressed, it’s not worth my time.

I’ve given up on the playlist. In fact, there are any number of packages that will keep a playlist. Further, I don’t need Roon to find my music for me, so I’m finished with this product.

This type of software has become all too common lately–a half-finished design that is introduced to the consumer anyway, and relies on their patience and help to eventually get it right. But these things never get it right; they just keep on moving forward. Such is the state of the industry these days.

@Day_Radebaugh Have you heard of crossing the chasm? It’s a representation of reality but a useful one. Very early adopter phase was when their lifetime was cheaper. They’re still early adopter in my opinion and probably until they stop offering lifetime.

I don’t know of another service that can do all that Roon can do at the cost. And I’m not sure you understand their business model and neither do I fully which now includes hardware. They are everywhere in the audiophile world.

The fact that so many people are actively pointing out the kinks considering my expectations is a good thing.

BTW, the better business bureau is a business that sells “trust” and when I see a company touting their accreditation it gives me pause. They have zero authority. It would probably cost you money to sue, and have you read their terms of service?

I do wonder if they’ll ever respond to this one, and I suspect I’m pointing out the obvious to them.

Good luck with find a music experience that meets your expectations.

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Description of Issue

On February 22 I posted a problem about playlists disappearing after the Roon upgrade. I was not the only user with this problem. Roon never solved the problem, nor did they ever give a satisfactory explanation of the issue. Ultimately, they simply ignored the problem. In my postings I stated that Roon’s support model, insofar as it depends on a user community to solve such problems, is entirely inadequate. Essentially, Roon is a product without support.

I filed a complaint about Roon with the New York Better Business Bureau. BBB notified me that Roon has failed to respond to this complaint. This is further evidence that Roon ignores their customer base, and that the user is essentially on their own with this product. As above, Roon is a product without support.

Apologies for the delay here, @Day_Radebaugh.

Without a backup from before this issue occurred, unfortunately, it is unlikely that this data will be able to be recovered.

Since it’s not just playlists missing, but all Roon data, it sounds like something changed with your library or your Roon database was erased from your Core machine.

Backups would allow you to restore this, but unfortunately, without backups, this data is not recoverable. It’s hard to say what exactly happened here, but all of the Roon data is stored on the Core machine, and if something changed with your storage without a proper migration or if something happened to the database directory, this type of data can be lost if no backup is available.

You have our apologies for the trouble here, @Day_Radebaugh. If you have any questions please do let us know!

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