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I use an iPad (Air or “2018”-version) for controling Roon to 95% of my usage. (I dont like computers that much…)

One seriously annoying behaviour is when you select Discover from the menu. Firstly there’s quite a delay with the animated Roon icon on the black screen. After 2 sec(?) the images and suggestions appear. Problem is, you see the top suggestions for, say 0.5-1sec and then they disappear and get replaced by something else?
Total time for displaying Discover page in my scenarios, around 5sec… Way too slow, and the replaced suggestions are seriously annoying!

My Core is either a NUC6i5 ROCK (250Gb NVme PciE, 8Gb DDR4) with a locally attached external USB drive of 4Tb or running the QNAP native package on a QNAP TS-470Pro with 16Gb ram and an i5 3470T CPU (Roon DB on 120Gb SSD, source files on the three 6TB WD Red drives)
There isn’t a major difference in behaviour between the iPad 9.7" 2018 or the old Air… The latter may be a sec slower or so.
But generally i feel that the iPad controller app is sluggish when compared to Lightning DS or BluOS app with similar libraries…
(Library is about 120K songs in Roon and LightningDS, maybe 80K songs in BluOS)

Can something be done to make Roon Controller app more agile and responsive on iOS?

The unwanted “reload” of Discover page seem to occur only once in each session with the app. If i close the app and then start it up again, it happens every time. And one more observation, it seem to affect only the iPad 9.7" 2018, not the older, slower Air…
Total time to display Discover (from, say, Overview-screen) on my Air 2018 iPad is shorter, say 3-4sec. The old Air is definently slower, say 5-7sec. Both are connected over 5Ghz WLAN with excellent connectivity, both signal quality and strength.

@support, is this something you can reproduce?

Hello @Mikael_Ollars,

Thank you for posting your issue. The reload behavior is something that we’re aware of and are working on improving in a future Roon release. While I cannot comment on a timeline of when this issue will be fixed, I have made sure to forward your feedback to the dev team.


Thank you for the feedback @noris, appreciated! :slight_smile:
I’ll get back to enjoying my tunes for awhile then!

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Curious about whether this has been upped on the agenda? I just realized i choose not to use use Discover due to the fact it’s both slow and reloads itself at least once every restart of the app on my iPad.

Besides, i tried it a few times yesteday evening and was surprised it advertized one of my latest additions (The Dead Wather - Sea of Cowards, great band and album btw!) in the top row at least thre times out of the four or five times i revisited the Discover-page…

Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

I have no new information to share at this time, we are aware of this behavior and this is still in the queue.

Can you confirm if it was the same album version as the one you had already added to your library? Just to make sure I understand you correctly here, you said it appeared multiple times on the same Discover page?

Thanks for the response!
No, that’s not what i meant. I revisited the Discover page three or four times, and each time the Sea Of Cowards-album was displayed in the top or second top row as “Added in the last eight days” or similar. However, i did see another album by the same group after scrolling downwards about a page worth.

What was more surprising was the fact that i changed Roon Core to one of my ROCK-based units after my previous post. When the new Core was up and running, with a very similar library i found the very same album in the top row of Discover page!

The album is a Qobuz album btw. And i have added at least a dozen other albums in the last two weeks.

Atb /Mike

I went back to the Discover page on the ROCK based server just for fun, and wadda ya know? :slight_smile:
A few rows down:

I’ve seen similar behavior… a recently added album showing up on the Discovery page (which I use often). I wonder if that is not by design - particularly if it’s an album I have not actually played yet.

Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

Thanks for clarifying the error state.

This is how the Discover feature works, from our Knowledge Base Article:

Roon can see how your collection intertwines and connects, then automatically curate your music library to find hidden gems, unseen connections between artists and interesting things to hear.

It is meant to show hidden gems, even if you already have them added to your library.

Okey, then it’s a Roon feature, not a bug. :wink:
I have around 10.000 albums in my collection. I need to be reminded about the albums i added 6 months ago, or last year, not the albums i added in the last fortnight.
I’m old, but my memory is not that bad, yet… :smiley:

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