Discover has stopped working again

When I try to use Discover I get the infinitely spinning Roon icon.
I’ve had this issue before.

It was related to using custom genres which I don’t use anymore but I tried the solutions offered in that thread to no avail.

Discover was working in the last two weeks or so but I’ve done a large number of edits, manual album identifying, tagging, and have added dozens of new albums.

Is it possible to enable diagnostics in order to locate what may have caused the problem?
Or can someone tell me what to look for in logs and I’ll try and find it myself?

I’m also thinking I could try restoring to a backup from when Discover was still working.
If I’m restoring from a backup do I need to remove any albums from my watched folder that were added after the backup was made?


Hi @Placebophile,

Thanks for writing in, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit another snag with discover!

Upon first review of a fresh diagnostic report, we’re seeing issues with content that has an invalid date period - specifically 2022/230/0

Are you able to review and remove any content with this date format? This may also be tied to file tags.

Hi @benjamin
I appreciate the prompt response.
I changed Import Settings for Release Date and Original Release Date from prefer file to prefer Roon and that brought discover back.
Before I thought to do this I Focused my albums for release date 2022 and clicked Edit Album for dozens of albums added (by my best guess) since I last recall discover working.
I didn’t notice any odd dates.

If possible I’d like to try and find the offending album(s).
Is it safe to assume it’s either the Release Date or Original Release Date fields since changing those from File to Roon fixed discover?
And any suggestions how I might narrow down which albums to check?
AFAIK there’s no way to sort by Original Release date.
Thanks for your help

Edit: I toggled Original Release Date back to Prefer File and Discover was still working.
Toggled Release Date to Prefer File and Discover broke again.
So it would appear I have a bad date in the Release Date field somewhere.
I had a quick peek at metadata tags for albums I’ve added recently and didn’t notice anything but I’m not exactly sure when Discover broke again.
But I’ve done a large number of edits within Roon in the last month or two so I could have made a typo there when editing an album I added a long time ago.

I can live with using Roon for Release Date, it’s Original Release Date I’m more fussy about.
I know how busy Support is so if you’re able to help find the bad actor here sometime I’d appreciate it but it’s by no means urgent.

As my previous thread regarding hangs is being investigated along with this issue:
Hung for about 2 minutes at 9:37pm PST on Feb 6.
I was listening to a Qobuz album and clicked on a recommended album from that albums’s page.
Music wasn’t interrupted.

Thanks for the info @Placebophile, our team is taking a closer look into things! I hope to have more information soon.

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Posting this thread for reference as I use Filter sometimes - which accordingly can cause hangs.
I’ll keep an eye out for correlation.

Hi @Placebophile,

Apologies for the long delay here - we still have a ticket in for further review, but I wanted to check in and see if you were still having issues with Discover?

I’ll be on standby for your status, thanks!

Hi @benjamin
Discover is working again.
I still get occasional delays/hangs when linking to album and artist screens as per above.
These hangs were sometimes stopping music or were unrecoverable without rebooting in the past but have been recovering on their own for at least a month. It usually takes 15-30 seconds or so.
During these hangs (recently) music hasn’t been interrupted when playing but there are delays between tracks until recovery.

Edit to add: It hangs on the Home Screen as well.
My recent activity loads but below that I see the pulsing Roon icon.

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Hi @Placebophile,

I’ll mark this thread as solved since Discover is working. In regards to your hanging behavior, we have a potential fix in early access that may address your issues. If not, we’ll need a fresh report of the issue in a new thread for proper tracking.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience across the community!

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