Does ROCK no longer support WiFi?

Does ROCK no longer support WiFi?
I know that ROON strongly recommends LAN, but so far you could use Roon via WiFi in the holiday home, for example. The “wireless” tab has disappeared from the web interface since Roon 1.8. Is that forever now or is WiFi support coming back?

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To my knowledge ROCK never supported WiFi. I installed ROCK on a NUC8i5 running 1.7 about 6 months ago… WiFi never showed up anywhere.

It’s only ever been supported on a handful of intel WiFi cards for nucs and I think those are earlier models, It keeps the os slim as there are many different ones per model. It has better support for some usb dongles but again it’s spotty. It will only show up the wireless section If you have a supported card or dongle. If you can only use wireless best option is to use a wireless bridge or a mesh system that has ports to connect devices to.

answer to itzlbritzl: … that is not right!! You had to enter the IP address in the Internet browser to get to the web interface and if a WLAN module was installed, a tab “wireless” appeared at the bottom next to Ethernet. That is no longer the case.

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Thanks! That could be the reason. One had to use a supportet WiFi-Card. But then something must have changed, because my module has worked so far.

May have died?

… no. I have tried 4 cards in 2 Nucs.

Maybe dropped since WiFi is not recommended and causes lots of problems when incorrectly configured. Core should use Ethernet.

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Nuc7 iXXXX had supported internal Wifi. After that, it was not supported. You were able to use USB Wifi dongles, maybe an internal card, but, I never tried that.

As far as I know, there wasn’t any changes to the OS, just RoonServer in 1.8. So, there should have been no changes to WiFi, and there isn’t on my box. As you can see, I still have the Wireless tab. ( I have a NUC7 i5, fyi)


It’s very interesting and strange at the same time. I urgently need to do a few more experiments. Thank you!

I also have it on my Nuc 7i7BNH

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What model of NUC? As others indicated, beyond NUC7 you cannot use built-in WiFi.

I’ve moved this to rock area.

I use this boards: NUC8v7PNB

Interestingly the Nucleus Rev A also has no wifi showing as an option. It might be that Roon removed the wifi option board and/or turned it off in the BIOS. My NUC came with the wifi board and shows up when running ROCK

I see.

ROCK does not support built-in WiFi from NUC8 or NUC10.

Correct, but we didn’t break anyone by leaving in old card support.

I’m planning on a Roon OS 2.0 later this year with new capabilities and I’ll probably just remove it all together then since it’ll be different enough.

I would not try to WiFi + Roon OS – if you must, try Ubuntu.


Don’t sell yourselves short in terms of what you accomplished with wireless streaming in ROCK, Danny. Transitioning my wireless endpoints from raspberry pi’s to NUC6’s running ROCK was nothing short of a revelation. I had thought my constant problems and lost hours re-flashing SD cards for raspberry pi’s was just the cost of running Roon by WIFI. But WIFI wasn’t the problem at all. Running ROCK-to-ROCK has worked exclusively over WIFI (to my endpoints, core is still ethernet) for a year and a half now with zero errors. I would hate to lose that awesome capability in future updates.

I will do as you suggest and try Ubuntu to see if that is as ROCK-solid as my current setup, but it seems like you have a special WIFI sauce inside ROCK that I am nervous won’t be replicated in Ubuntu. We shall see.

Ubuntu is not a solution. If you can’t do without WiFi, you should try AudioLinux.

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