Drop Outs Streaming to Mu-So [fix pending]

I am also having slight skipping during playback from Roon on MacBook Pro remote playing through airplay on Naim mu-so. The Naim app plays Tidal without skipping, so I find that I no longer use Roon for playback. The Tidal app on Macbook pro also plays without skipping. Any suggestions?

Hey @cavawood – can you tell us a little more about your system?

Also, have you tried any other Roon outputs besides Airplay, to confirm the issue is localized to the Mu-So?

I have the same (or similar) issue - regular stuttering every 15 seconds or so on the Muso using Airplay from Roon server running on my Mac Mini. Other Roon endpoints (including other Airplay devices) work fine. Streaming the same material to the Muso using Itunes airplay also works, so it seems to be something specific with Roon and Muso airplay.

I wonder could this have something to do with the wi-fi in the Mu-so? I was looking at one and realised it’s only using the b/g standard (not n or ac). Does Roon have problems with the older technology in the Mu I wonder?
If itunes streams to the mu-so ok, it cant be the slower standard per se that is the problem (nor would it likely to be) but maybe something on the softare side (if thats possible)? There do seem to be quite a few internet posts on Mu-so wifi issues.

Thanks, that’s helpful to know @WvdB, thanks. So, you’re playing the same files in Roon and iTunes, and only having this issue with Roon?

It shouldn’t matter, but is iTunes open when you’re playing?

Would be great to hear from @WvdB and @cavawood on both questions. Thanks guys, I’m sure we can figure this out.

Yes, the issue is only with Roon --> MuSo and no, iTunes is not open at the same time

Thanks Mike. I have Roon installed on a Macmini as the main system, with Roon remote through Macbook Pro (OS X- El Capitan10.11.3). When I play Roon (both Tidal and saved files on my Macmini hard drive) through the Macbook Pro to Naim Mu-so connected through airplay, I experience periodic skipping. When I play the same Tidal tracks on Mu-So through the Tidal player, there is no skipping problem. When I play the same tracks through Roon to speakers connected to an Apple TV airplay on the same network, no skipping. So the problem seems to be with Roon and Naim Mu-So airplay. Not connected to iTunes when the problem arises.

Hey guys – we have a Mu-So on the way. We’ll be doing some testing and hopefully we’re able to reproduce what you’re describing and resolve this.

This will take some time, but I’ll follow up as soon as I have more information.

@WvdB @cavawood – if there’s anything unique about your networks, the content you’re playing, the machine running your Roon Core, or your settings in Roon, please let us know.

Thanks all!

Thanks Mike. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks @mike - nothing special about my network, as far as I can see. Normally my Mu-So is connected over Wifi - but the problem did not go away even when I plugged it directly into the router through Ethernet.

I just got a Mu-So today. It had an old firmware on it, and it was doing great until I upgraded the firmware.

It looks like they added some AirPlay features that we need to support, such as two-way volume (finally!). There are some other optimizations we can make to make this more reliable. It’s good to have our hands on gear that is causing the system to act badly.

We are on it.

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Hey @cavawood @WvdB – we were able to find some distinctions between how Airplay was implemented in Roon and the Mu-So, and we were able to reproduce this issue.

We’ve updated Roon’s implementation to the newer variant, and this is working much better now. Look for the fix in our 1.2 release in a couple of weeks – thanks for your patience guys!

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Hi Mike,
I’m proselytising over on the Naim website and for clarity would like to know what you mean when you say it is working “much better”. This seems a bit like damning with faint praise.


It just means I’ve done troubleshooting on enough networks to know that I should never speak in absolutes :wink:

The issues we were able to reproduce are now resolved. If your network is solid and you were experiencing the same issues, things should be stable now. Of course if there are other networking issues at play things still might not be perfect, as with anything. No faint praise intended!

Thanks for proselytizing @Sloop_John_B!