Dropouts happening [resolved: network issues]

Core Machine

Dell Inspiron i5 16gb, 500mg ssd , Windows 10 with all the latest updates. USB 3.0 Ethernet dongle

Network Details

Synology 720+ 8gb ram, 1tb ssd cache. Ethernet 1gb via Verizon using Fios gateway

Audio Devices

Two Raspberry pi4’s - one into a Schiit Lyr and the other Parasound P6, google chrome audio into Pioneer AVR, HDMI out from pc Roon core to marantz av8805

Library Size

70k tracks

Description of Issue

Ever since the last update, I get constant internet radio drop outs, and drop outs and skipping or songs when playing my library. It doesn’t matter what device I am using. On the core I also have JRiver and I don’t experience any dropouts with that. So I have been able to narrow the issue to the Roon software. My guess is that maybe a buffering issue has been introduced? I will receive other errors such as lost connection to audio device, and network error…

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Hi @Jarrod_Cohen

How often are you seeing this occur?

Have you noticed any patterns? Certain types of content or anything like that?

If you play to System Output do you get the same dropouts?

@dylan . I usually have Roon going during the workday and have so for many months. I started noticing that not too long after the last release, that I was starting to have dropouts on live radio, and it would happen regardless of the station I selected. Then today because of all the issues I started to just play music from my library and that would stop every 10-15 minutes and I would have to hit play to rengage.

I did try the system output recently from the core to the marantz and I am getting the issues there too, as well as with both of my raspberry pi4’s which are a wired connection. I made sure their software was up to date too and it is. My system output isn’t playing songs all the way through and skipping after playing a minute or so.

I just finished a rollback to my 5.20.2021 backup build so haven’t had a chance to put the raspberry pi’s to the test. But I did test using my iPad as an endpoint at is dropping with that now to and I get prompted with network connection errors and can’t connect to my Roon core via the Roon app.

Nothing in my system has changed in the last 6 months, and plenty of network bandwidth with 1gb speed. I did have a forced windows 10 upgrade so not sure if that is a factor too.

This is very frustrating after having zero issues for many months.

@dylan Any suggestions on what might be going on? Tested again this morning and the issues persist. Highly disappointed since this makes Roon unusable

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Nah, I think somethings changed. I’ve never had drop out problems, but since the last update (795) its not even funny. Hopefully Roon are taking these (multiple) reports seriously, and can find the cause.


@Mike_O_Neill @dylan . Changed Ethernet cable and updated firewall settings and still an issue. I have Jriver on the same machine and it is not dropping out, so it seems like the issue is exclusive to Roon and from the past build. Will you guys be looking at the build? Any suggestions. Right now my Roon lifetime is unusable…

The issue is non discriminating across devices and regardless, of music source - library or live radio

My issue is being combined with another which is similar. I hope that the team doesn’t lose sight of fixing my issue which is at the top of this thread.

They won’t…

Thank you Geoff. I am looking forward to getting my issue resolved

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Hi @Jarrod_Cohen

Can you provide some examples of dropouts for me? Please include the time the dropout happens and the name of the track it happens with for the next few times you experience this. I’ll then enable diagnostics and take a look at those examples.


@dylan At the present moment I am streaming a shuffle of 622 Nirvana songs from my library and every 2-3 songs it skips. I know it skipped on the second song of the playlist this morning, and others randomly afterwards. But I didn’t keep track.

This morning and prior to the shuffling of Nirvana I tried playing live radio using stations WBAB 102.3 and Wehm Manorville. WBAB stopped within 60 seconds and stopped again a minute later after hitting play again. Wehm stopped within two minutes, then I switched to the library.

@dylan any luck with the diagnostics?

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@dylan do you have any updates on the issue and the resolution? Roon is not currently useable for me and seems like others are having the same issue since the last update

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@dylan Is there any update on this?

@support so this gets additional visibility since it has been a day and a half since the last response

@dylan . Hey almost two days without an update … not feeling the love for a lifetime subscriber…


@dylan @support. It’s really disheartening that there is no response for days and no response to other people having similar issues. I’m a lifetime subscriber and right now I am second guessing my decision of that purchase with non- existent customer support. It’s hard for me to recommend a product anymore if the support you’ll receive after you pay for it doesn’t exist, I hope Roon is able to change my sentiment.

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