Duplicate albums again

Hello Chris,

That’s a reasonable expectation and given past support results, this tempers my decision to clean up on my own in the mean time. I suspect your take is right on.

Thanks for the report guys – here are a couple things to double-check. If none of these explains/fixes what you’re seeing, let me know and we’ll see if we can find the issue.

Can you guys all confirm:

  • You’re not watching the same files more than once? This could happen if you watched a subfolder (such as watching F:\ and F:\Music) or if you’re watching iTunes and a folder containing the same files as your iTunes library

  • For the duplicate albums, can you select the same song on both copies, check Track Info, and confirm they are pointing to the same path

  • On Settings > Storage, you’ve tried the Force Rescan feature?

Let me know if you guys can confirm the above and if so, we’ll take a deeper look.

Thanks all!

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All of the above is true for me.

Hello Mike,

My response mirrors fritzg. Egads, it never occurred to me. Oy! I add new albums to my Music Library on a Promise Pegasus 12TB Raid 5 R6 external Thunderbolt AND I also add the same albums to my iTunes Library employing “Add Library”. Furthermore, the DSD/DSF albums are also converted to PCM ALAC 352.8 m4a (hybrid) or AIFF employing BitPerfect’s DSDMaster so that I can play the DSD albums converted to PCM on my KEF X300A in an adjoining room which are self-powered and employ proprietary Dacs limited to 96/24.

Wow, I forgot to understand what I am doing to myself by duplicating the watch folders. Thank you lest I forget to appreciate the wake up call you provided so nicely. I am actually chuckling at myself. In the words of Emily Litella, “Never Mind”…


Have done the same…you’re in good company :wink:

Let me be clear. When I said all the above are true I meant that I have checked those things and all appears normal. I am only watching the folder once. When I click on the duplicates they both point to the same file. I tried both a force rescan and a restart.

I have a series of folders but the files are only in one folder.

Time to update: Clearly it makes no sense for me to watch my iTunes Library AND my Music Library as they are both on the same Pegasus 12TB R6 Raid 5 Thunderbolt drive. I disabled the iTunes Library folder in favor of the main folder where all my albums reside. Clicked on Force Rescan. roon accomplished everything with alacrity. Cleaned up my roon display nicely.

No reason to create my own duplicates. Thank you again Mike. All’s well that ends well. N’est-ce pas?


Just re sorted my folders all to one folder ‘Roon Music’. It’s re scanning now so time will tell.

Ok @fritzg – just sent you some info about submitting logs so we can look into this.

Everyone else, appreciate the feedback – let me know if any more issues surface. Thanks all!

Thanks. Logs sent. Inexplicably all the dupes are gone. Very odd.

This problem is back again.

Suggest send the logs again. Something odd must be going on to cause an intermittent issue like this.

Roon just is not working right. It keeps changing my data. CD singles are after I corrected all metadata, every time wrong again, it can’t deal with a folder of Billboard hits. It keeps returning as 100 different albums…grrrrr Going back to Sooloos as soon as I can!!

They’ve got two sets of logs. I’m considering an uninstall and fresh start. Any suggestions on best way to do that?

@fritzg – just responded to your PM. As I mentioned, you can do a fresh install by deleting (or renaming) your entire Roon database folder. Everyone should note that this will erase all your edits, play counts, Roon playlists, favorites, etc.

@Wim04 – sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Can you create a new thread with some of the information mentioned here and we’ll figure it out? Thanks!

Thanks. This scorched earth method is not ideal, but it has solved the duplicates issue as well as the issue of not all tracks in an album showing up.

Same here… Track #5 is flagged as a duplicate, but there is only one Track #5 and Roon is showing 13 dups of Track #10.

All 13 versions of Track #10 point to the same file. No overlap in my watched folders. Forced rescan didn’t make a difference.

I just found another album where Track #9 is shown ~100 times (also the final track on the album).

Thanks mrvco,
That looks … wrong. I’ll flag this thread for @vova to check it out.
Are you running Build 65 which was just released ? You can see the Build No. in Settings/About.
It will assist if you can provide the information set out in this thread

I am having the same problem. I have Roon on the MacMini and on my iPad. I keep getting duplicates and some time more of the same album. I have checked my files and there is only one file of any of these particular albums. It does not happen on all but about 30-40% of everything I have ripped shows up in the Roon interface with duplicate covers. Not exactly sure what to do about it. Alot of the time when Im playing a particular album or track, “Other” will appear under the description in the meta data. When I click on that it offers the option of deleting one of the duplicates which I have done about 30-40 times. Unfortunately, it does not remove the duplicate cover. Very frustrating…any suggestions.