EAC CUE file is not supported by ROON? [Answered]


I am New here but I have a lot of EAC files (exact audio copy) which is a WAV source but al my other programma’s regognize (foobar or album player) it as a album with multiple Numbers but ROON only shows it as one big WAV file instead of a album with multiple Numbers where you can navigate through… can i fix this in ROON …?


Hi @Dave_Schoonenberg ,

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I think you are ripping to one large WAV file per album and then using a CUE file.

Roon does not support CUE files, though there is a feature request for it to be added.

These are worth a read as well:

yes thats correct Carl…

okay clear… thats a pitty because i have so many albums like this stored… hopefully it can be fixed in the future


Thanks for confirming.

As there is little advantage to WAV+CUE files these days … personally I would split and transcode them to FLAC, but I respect your position if you do not wish to.

true Carl… only thing is I have a few hundred of them like that… so it a lot of work to split them… haha… thanks for the reponse and regards,