EtherRegen + AfterDark Master Clock + ENO Filter

Anyone try this combination? Are they cumulative with respect to SQ?

May I invite the Pinkerton aka @Graeme_Finlayson into this discussion? :joy::joy:

Be my guest. The party’s just getting started!

Nope, not getting involved :grinning:

I’m too busy rewiring my network :wink:

In all seriousness, I do need to add a new patch panel and I’ve been putting it off for too long…

It’s your money. Not up to me to tell you how to spend it. Subjective evaluation and cognitive bias has been discussed to death, along with objective measurements.

If you believe ethernet regenerators, master clocks etc. make a difference to your enjoyment, whether real (objectively measured) or perceived (subjectively evaluated), knock yourself out!


Agreed! Beauty is in the eye, I mean ear, of the beholder.

I just added the ENO filter after EtherRegen to the chain & approx 50+ hrs into run-in process.

Truthfully, I was already quite pleased with the more relaxed sound of the ER. Then I read about the combination of the ER plus an external master clock which arrives this week.

More on the addition of the AfterDark Emperor Double Crown clock later. As for the ENO System, the improvements I’m hearing are subtle with & without the ER inline. Perhaps, a touch more separation and air between instruments & vocals. Listening at low volume may be more revealing. Rich at Network Acoustics sees no reason why ENO shouldn’t improve on RFI the EtherRegen leaves behind.

Setup is already decent, quiet & resolving so I may be reaching the point of diminishing returns.

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Holy Crap!

The addition of the Emperor Double Crown paired with the EtherRegen has produced absolutely stunning improvements to an already decent system. It truly is the single best upgrade I’ve made and there have been a bunch of them. I liken this to a key component upgrade or better. In general, the music stream feels more relaxed without sacrificing detail. Silky smooth! The soundstage is wider, deeper & taller, more layering, instruments & voices have more air & space between them, everything seems to have a well defined place on stage, individual notes have a sharper attack & longer decay, darker background, a not so subtle increase in detail & all of this at lower volume as well. In addition to the EtherRegen & Double Crown, there is an ENO Ag system & AQVOX SE switch in line. However, the AfterDark Emperor Double Crown & companion LPS made the most dramatic improvements of all of them. Way beyond my expectations! Now back to picking up my jaw off the floor.


How are things going in your system?
Did you also try the ENO before the ER?

The combination of these 3 devices produced very noticeable improvements, however, inserting the ENO prior to the ER was one configuration I did not try. Currently, I have simplified my digital chain and am using only the Synergistic Research Ethernet switch between FIOS router & Gold Note amplifier. Ethernet cables are SR Galileo SX. The improvements are on a par or better with fewer black boxes.

Yep less is often more :slight_smile:
So you got no ER or ENO at all in your current setup?

I sold everything in a matter of minutes once I got the Synergistic switch & heard what I did. My system is SR centric anyway.

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Oh wow amazing! Can you describe the difference vs the ENO / EtherRegen version?

Very similar, however way fewer black boxes, power supplies & cables. My wife is much happier about that. By similar I mean ER & ENO seem to lower the noise floor, thus more detail. Attack and decay of notes tighter, linger longer. Vocals more relaxed. Everything more relaxed. Individually the ER & the passive ENO filter seemed very effective at lowering noise thus revealing more music, however, I did not hear cumulative improvements when I cascaded them between the switch & Roon endpoint. Then SR released their Ethernet switch which sounds as good or better than all the other devices. SR gets pummeled in many forums by folks who likely have not tried their gear. They do offer 30 day free trials for everything. Personally, I find most SR products deliver the goods. The ones that don’t I send back, but they’re haven’t been many I can assure you.

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FYI-I owned the ENO Ag filter & their Ag Ethernet cable. ENO customer service in GB are wonderful & honest. My experience with Uptone the same. Ctronic of Boston, the US dealer for AfterDark, very responsive & helpful.

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As with all of these devices, you will experience more air & space between instruments and vocals. In other words, you will have a more realistic sense of the room/hall/studio where the recording took place.


The “network change” I cite in another discussion here about EtherREGEN was my addition of the ENO Ag filter and cable, which is just before the endpoint and after ER.

Strange that the Reality Police didn’t jump all over me, as they were distracted by legitimate consideration of DSP room correction at that point.

Maybe they’ll attack me now over my assertion that feeding ER with 10G singlemode fiber operating at gigabit expanded and sharpened the soundstage…


Maybe you are just another guy with an opinion and unable to identify his snake oil gear in a blind test scenario. Until then - who cares?

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This one is for you Brad. Since then I have sold the ER & ENO in favor of Synergistic Research Ethernet switch. Yes cynics, I said it in this forum, Synergistic Research! I happen to be a fan of many of their products because, to my subjective ears, the improvements are real & to my liking. Also, I decided to try Network Acoustics newly introduced Muon Filter between the switch & Gold Note amp. No appreciable improvement there, however, I experienced noticeable & pleasing improvements when I placed the Muon between the Fios router & SR switch. The good people at Network Acoustics also offer a 30 day money back trial period.

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Well, here’s a new tweak to audition: singlemode fiber (laser, not LED) between router and your UEF switch. 10G transceivers with superior engineering operate up to that speed, but not required, so that they work just fine in gigabit SFP+ cages. I use Finisar FTLX1475D3BTL