EtherRegen + AfterDark Master Clock + ENO Filter

Anyone try this combination? Are they cumulative with respect to SQ?

May I invite the Pinkerton aka @Graeme_Finlayson into this discussion? :joy::joy:

Be my guest. The party’s just getting started!

Nope, not getting involved :grinning:

I’m too busy rewiring my network :wink:

In all seriousness, I do need to add a new patch panel and I’ve been putting it off for too long…

It’s your money. Not up to me to tell you how to spend it. Subjective evaluation and cognitive bias has been discussed to death, along with objective measurements.

If you believe ethernet regenerators, master clocks etc. make a difference to your enjoyment, whether real (objectively measured) or perceived (subjectively evaluated), knock yourself out!

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Agreed! Beauty is in the eye, I mean ear, of the beholder.

I just added the ENO filter after EtherRegen to the chain & approx 50+ hrs into run-in process.

Truthfully, I was already quite pleased with the more relaxed sound of the ER. Then I read about the combination of the ER plus an external master clock which arrives this week.

More on the addition of the AfterDark Emperor Double Crown clock later. As for the ENO System, the improvements I’m hearing are subtle with & without the ER inline. Perhaps, a touch more separation and air between instruments & vocals. Listening at low volume may be more revealing. Rich at Network Acoustics sees no reason why ENO shouldn’t improve on RFI the EtherRegen leaves behind.

Setup is already decent, quiet & resolving so I may be reaching the point of diminishing returns.

Holy Crap!

The addition of the Emperor Double Crown paired with the EtherRegen has produced absolutely stunning improvements to an already decent system. It truly is the single best upgrade I’ve made and there have been a bunch of them. I liken this to a key component upgrade or better. In general, the music stream feels more relaxed without sacrificing detail. Silky smooth! The soundstage is wider, deeper & taller, more layering, instruments & voices have more air & space between them, everything seems to have a well defined place on stage, individual notes have a sharper attack & longer decay, darker background, a not so subtle increase in detail & all of this at lower volume as well. In addition to the EtherRegen & Double Crown, there is an ENO Ag system & AQVOX SE switch in line. However, the AfterDark Emperor Double Crown & companion LPS made the most dramatic improvements of all of them. Way beyond my expectations! Now back to picking up my jaw off the floor.

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