Excessive RAM usage

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu Server 22.04.2
Lenovo Thinkcentre P340
i7 10700t
Running Roon in a docker container

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Server connected to a Synology RT6600AX, endpoint vary mostly wireless

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Majik DS
Bluesound Pulse

Number of Tracks in Library

around 10,000 albums
169,300 track
95+% of these are Tidal

Description of Issue

Roon has generally been running fine but over the past week it has starting consuming all available RAM, it did this in the past when I only had 8gb so thought maybe it just needed more so upgraded to 16gb of which roon would use around 12gb and ran happily like that for maybe a year, I recently moved to a new server with 32gb of ram and Roon was fine until last week when it started to peak at 26gb, rebooted the server and it was ok for about 4 days and now this morning back up to 22gb usage



A common theme!

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Yes this is an issue with a few support requests lately. No answer from Roon yet on what this might be

I’ve had to limit the resources given to the Roon container its impacting everything else on the machine otherwise grabbing basically all available RAM. see how it runs limited to 16gb for now but this does need a fix by the looks of all of the other issues reported.

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Hi @Ben_Spray ,

Thanks for the report here and apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. Are you still able to reproduce this issue on the latest Roon build if you remove the 16GB RAM limiter?

If so, can we please ask you to reproduce the issue and then after Roon is in a state of high memory usage, manually upload is your Roon Core logs (using these instructions to access them) to the following link?


Hi, I’m not sure what has changed but Roon has been stable for the past few weeks sitting at around 6gb used RAM out of its 8gb reserved / 12gb limit


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