Export playlists to include tracks that are not in my library [Available in Build 831]

Roon locks up a lot of end user data.

My Roon playlists (which consist of single Tidal tracks not in my library) are locked within Roon. Play counts are locked inside Roon. Tags on albums…. Same.

So many people here want the ability to migrate between services, but if you have taken advantage of Roon features you are tightly bound to a streaming service. If I move from Tidal to Qobuz, I would loose 50 or more playlists I made in Roon. Bad on me for not considering that i would want to leave Tidal. Bad on Roon for keeping my data only in proprietary database structure.


We have an export feature to send your playlists to standard file formats, but no such standard exists for streaming content. Soundiiz has had varying levels of success in becoming that streaming service Rosetta Stone.

You can get Excel files as well, but again, no standards for streaming IDs.

Only if the TRACKS are in my library which mainly they are not. Is that correct?

Yes tracks have to be in your library to be able to export.

Yes I know. I was pointing out to @danny that when we use Roon playlists and Roon tags, we are in a walled garden in similar ways to his Apple critique.

There is no technical reason Roon can’t export Song Title, album, and artist for a Roon playlist.

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You couldn’t be more off.

Apples walled garden is non-negotiable. Ours is just a missing feature.

Adding “playlist export to excel” is nothing we are against, it just hasn’t really been asked for in the 6 years we’ve been releasing and it didn’t feel like a super useful feature. Do you find you need it?

I will give you the point my comparison was off, and maybe I wanted to get your attention :wink:

You are not responding to the point that i put in black and white a few posts up.

“playlist export to excel” is not at all what I asked for.

Export playlists to include tracks that are not in my library was clearly stated. This has been requested many, many times.

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All files are by default in your library, so I’m guessing you are talking about TIDAL/Qobuz content.

Export in Roon copies content and creates am m3u file linking the files together. What would you want to do w/ the streaming content? No one would want corrupt entries in their m3u, so that’s out of the question. The Excel export is semi interesting, but I still don’t get it. We rarely add features because of feature requests so specific, it’s better to tell us about your use case.

As I stated, yes, I am talking about Roon playlist with track entries that are Tidal (or could be Qobuz).

The use case is Service Portability. If I switch to Qobuz, all my Roon playlists (and tags) no longer work.

So I would export to a text file and use Soundiiz to import to another service. More detailed:

Use Case 1 - Roon transition from Tidal to Qobuz (one time)

  • export Roon playlists to text file (artist, track name, album)
  • use Soundiiz to import into Qobuz
  • Roon pulls in Qobuz playlists

Use Case 2 - sharing playlists on Spotify (on an ongoing basis)

  • export Roon playlists to text file (artist, track name, album)
  • use Soundiiz to import into Spotify
  • share Spotify playlists with friends

There are many posts about this on the forum @danny . Searching on “export playlist” finds many posts where people want all playlist entries exported, not just tracks that are in the library.

I understand you are unlikely to implement this, perhaps someone will do it as an extension. But it is not a one off request from me.


Both of your use cases would be coverd by “playlist export to excel” feature I proposed, no?

To be honest, i don’t understand your distinction between exporting to a text file or an excel, an excel file would be fine by me. (maybe you mean m3u format vs excel). Soundiz takes in text, but would be trivial for me to convert from Excel to Text.

The key thing for me is that the export includes tracks that are NOT in Library.

Mods: feel free to move this exchange to a Feature request thread

I think it’s even simpler. I’m not looking to export to a Playlist I want to export the artist and song title of a playlist. In fact, let me decide which fields to export and I’d be ecstatic but minimally artist and track title. Then give me a CSV.

This is a real use case that I did a few years back. I converted 3353 tracks from a “best of” playlist I gathered off a retired radio station. The conversion was simply:

Example first few lines of file:
Artist, Title
"10,000 Maniacs ",Candy Everybody Wants
"10,000 Maniacs ",Don’t Talk
"10,000 Maniacs ",Eat For Two

There are gobs of convertors that can read this file and try to match the artist and title to a track on a streaming provider. In the case of the online convertor I used it spit out a “Spotify file” which I was able to literally drop into the Spotify app to create a playlist. That looked something like this:

Today there are plenty of services which can covert between all the streaming providers (you know this). The problem is there is no way to get a “seed” file out of Roon to drop in to let these services start trying to match the list to the streaming provider.

So… my use case isn’t “export a playlist to a playlist”. My use case is to export a playlist to a CSV which I can then dump into another playlist creator. (or really manipulate further if needed for whatever reason I want the file for)



Yes, 100% agree, just need a text file.

yah it sounds like you guys just want an “export to excel for playlists” like we already have for the browsers.

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Can you clarify what you are saying? We want an export of “all tracks whether they are local or streamed” and do not care about the file format (CSV is fine).

What do you mean “like we already have for the browsers”?

go to sidebar → albums → long click on an album to select it, and then select a few others → in the top bar, 3 dots → export → export now

This feature, but for playlists


Yes, okay!

Another way to think about it is you already have a Playlist Export (IF the playlist has > 1 local files):

Navigate to a Roon playlist (or even a Tidal playlist or local playlist), hit three dots, hit Export (command already exists), have an option for Simple List Only. When selected, all track names, artists, and optional other fields are output to Excel or CSV format (for ALL tracks, even if the Track is a streaming track). No media files exported, no folders created. Just one file for the one playlist.

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@danny and others, here are some more Playlist feature requests:

Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8) - Roon Software / Feature Requests - Roon Labs Community

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@danny Would it be possible to offer this as a one time request to Support? I.e., not a function of the tool, but I send to support the name of 5 playlists in my Roon library, you convert it to a Tidal playlist? I just have many, many hours of time invested in Roon playlists. Thanks.

The feature is on the Todo list. Support can’t do anything special that you can’t.